Notice: Internet Downtime

On the 29th of this month, Kuwait’s MOC will be going through some maintenance to reroute and allocate higher internet traffic through Saudi Arabia. This is due to some recent cabling issues between Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain and the UAE. The maintenance period will last until the 8th of July, and it is believed that Qualitynet users will be the first to suffer from the downtime.

Update: Alwatan Article

I hope this means higher bandwidth for the future. On the bright side, Dewaniya Net is nearing its final testing phase so even if we’re isolated from the rest of the world, we can still share :P

Update: Al-Qabas Article reports that there won’t be any downtime?


17 thoughts on “Notice: Internet Downtime

  1. That is a huge down time and lost money, I doubt that its going to happen this way.. they can make the provisioning without taking the network down for too long!

  2. According to the posted article, the downtime will last until the 8th of July, not the 7th of August. It seemed you switched day and the month around :P

  3. I read that someone from Zajil said that the Internet providers here are prepared to deal with the issue and they’ll continue offering there services. I hope they can keep up there word :)

  4. Companies will be dealt as high priority by ISPs. Individuals, on the other hand, will suffer.

    From the last Internet outage due to the cable cuts in the region, QualityNet did continue to offer individuals Internet access, but at reduced speeds, but enough to browse email and read news (no video streaming crap or p2p). Other ISPs failed at this.

    e-Go users are likely to have the service running, since as far as I know, Zain goes through QualityNet.

    I already have a VPN connection to work. I’ll just VPN and use work’s link :p

    I hope it doesn’t take more than 1 week. I can’t live long without my weekly dosage of anime.

  5. They’re just moving cables :/ It’s not an upgrade or anything special. The cables are laid underneath UAE’s palm island thing, and those palm guys want to expand, therefore putting the cable in danger.

    They’re also going to replace one of the FOG repeaters which has been acting up.

    I’ll beg for more connectivity up north right about now :(

  6. This is totally ridiculous if we lose the connection. The whole world is evolving all the time, I never heard of US or European country losing connection for over a week just to upgrade. Backups should be there, and if not, we should all ask for compensation from the ISP.

    You don’t charge us for your upgrade downtime!

  7. bojacob: Sorry, I haven’t read ur comment about movement, not upgrade. But still, it’s not end user’s concern. If its going to be down, or practically unusable, i.e dialup speed for DSL account, then customers should be compensated.

    ISPs, go sue DUBAI!

  8. The problem is that qualitynet relies on 2 peering companies for its international connectivity:

    Teleglobe (VSNL): Which is routed from Kuwait -> Saudi Arabia-> Rest of world
    Emix: Kuwait -> Dubai -> Rest of world

    Because of Dubai’s problems, Emix connectivity has been dropped completely, meaning Qualitynet is relying on Teleglobe alone for its connectivity, this is why qualitynet is laggy these days for gaming or any other latency intensive application. Qualitynet is dropping alot of packet to compensate.

    They’re either going to switch completely to Teleglobe (I hope because it’s superior to emix) by purchasing more bandwidth from teleglobe, this means they will drop emix completely (i hope so because emix sucks). Or they’re going to temporarily purchase bandwidth from teleglobe to ease the problem, then rely on emix when dubai fixes their shit.

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