Reminiscing 1991

I remember singing the songs of the soap operas Home And Away, and Neighbours back in 1991 during the Gulf War when we were in the UK. Listening to them now bring back so many memories. Actually I think back then, I would memorize anything that played on TV, period.


13 thoughts on “Reminiscing 1991

  1. I used to HATE those shows with a passion!! I meant HATE THEM!!!!! They are horrible, and especially the theme songs!!! There were better shows in the 90s!! Much better! lol

  2. Youuuu knooow we beloong toooogetherrr, u and i forever and eveeeeeer….we’re waaaaalking on aaaaaiiiiiir just to just to know u r theeeeeeere u r theeeeere hoooooold me in ur arms dont let me go i wannnaaaa stay forever closeeeeer each daaaaay home and a awaaaaaaaaaaay

  3. interesting & cool post.
    Home and Away started around 6 months before I actually existed in this world. lol. But I have been watching it for about 8 years now, literally continuously and religiously.
    For a soap to go on for 20 something years must be saying something. I hope it goes on for a very long itme still :D

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