Kuwaiti Bloggers Quiz 5

It’s been a very long while since I’ve created a bloggers quiz, but alas, I was in the mood for a new one today: Take the quiz!

Good luck :P

Click here for the scoreboard.


25 thoughts on “Kuwaiti Bloggers Quiz 5

  1. Rank Name Score
    1 BB 89
    2 Swair 67
    3 Laialyq8 67
    4 Bashar 44
    5 chikapappi 33
    6 Cat 22

    44% for someone who had no clue about any of the questions, and who hasn’t been updating his own blog.not bad at all, Makes me feel better above Chika, who I assume is much more into blogging :)

  2. Cat, that’s alright, it’s tougher than what it seems.
    Laialy, your score’s pretty good as is :)
    BB, you surprised me! I guess you read a lot of blogs :D
    Enigma, I try to keep it entertaining ;)
    Bojacob, I noticed your answers were NULL so go ahead and do it again under a different nickname like Bojacob2 :P

  3. Yousif, it helps if you browse the blogs before taking a quiz.
    Grey, you must be really happy! XD
    Big Pearls, good score :)
    BB, you still got a high score :P
    Suspic, you don’t have to know the bloggers to answer, you need to read their recent posts.

  4. Thats weird! I was about to start the quiz and it took me to the end with zero score! So I tried to take it again, answered some right and some wrong but it did not work :-(

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