5 Reasons Why Batman in The Dark Knight Sucked

Warning: this post contains spoilers!
If you haven’t watched the movie yet, come back later.

Before I begin, let me mention that I have really enjoyed the movie, particularly Heath Ledger‘s outstanding performance as the Joker. Batman, in my opinion, lacked in several elements:

  1. No Bat Cave
    I’m sorry, but a basement with brightly lit lights does not fit with Batman’s dark persona.
  2. The Destruction of the Batmobile
    Rather than use the advanced features of the his sophisticated batmobile, Batman drove recklessly, in an attempt to prevent Harvey from being targeted, and ended up destroying his vehicle altogether. It was as though he deliberately wanted to obliterate his own vehicle just to use the motorbike!
  3. Inferior to Dogs
    Someone explain to me why a deadly martial artist in hard titanium armor would ever be concerned about a regular pair of dogs?
  4. All-Along Guess Work
    When Batman couldn’t figure out what the Joker’s next move will be, rather than solve riddles and connect the dots, he goes ahead and spies on all of Gotham’s wireless communication violating everybody’s privacy along with it. Way to go; real classic case solving, detective!
  5. Sonar Vision
    I could pass up the fact that all mobile phones were omitting omni-directional high frequency pulses during the end of the movie, but there was no way that there were enough phones to generate an accurate realtime 3D structure of an entire building! It wouldn’t hurt to have Batman wear a large pulse generator gadget on his belt you know.

33 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why Batman in The Dark Knight Sucked

  1. I agree, also he must have seen Ironman… cause that’s the only reason why he used all of these gadgets…….!!!

    we didn’t need him bending weapons, or cutting the side of the SUV, using guns and grenade launchers…..!!!

    Dent was the best character the make up was top notch, Joker on the other hand didn’t merit to Berton’s Jocker, he had his moments, but the tone of his voice was lame……!!!

    it felt like watching a blend of several movies, and although he did an amazing job, Nolan lost Gotham, it looked more like NY than Gotham……!!!

  2. All very true.

    Compare this movie with the first one……so much more violence and technology…..

    The batmobile should not have been destroyed
    Did u notice Batman’s voice? Dont u think he over did it?

    All in all…it was a good movie and i enjoyed it.

  3. Someday, the sonar vision was supposed to be the “killer gadget” so to speak to end the movie, but all it did was reveal where everyone (or everything) was in an illogical way.

    To detect a wall for example, sound has to travel to it and bounce back to a receiver. If the sound could pass through the wall, there’s nothing that can detect it unless there was a sensor behind that wall already.

    I guess it was a little too much science fiction for me.

    DR, yeah the voice was weird even though it was the same for the first movie.

  4. Being a “Bat”, he should’ve had some device to help him see like a “Bat”. No need for all this phone thingies and he could’ve been relevant to his gimmick, y’know?

    I missed the cave, but I guess he didn’t find any available caves in downtown Gotham. =O

    The movie was good, but it was over hyped.

  5. OMG I totally agree this movie was bad, and I thought I was the only one. I think there is a sacred element to this movie since Heath died and we are not supposed to ‘not’ like it.

    1st off I agree with everything the original poster said. Including Heath doing a great job. In addition to those 5 points, here are some more:

    6) how could one villian (who only hires schitzophrenic help) secure 50,000 oil barells and get them in those 2 warehouses, two boats, and every hospital (without being noticed) in such a crucial moment?

    7) sewing a bomb into someone’s gut would kill them, even a doctor couldn’t do that, and even if he lived he couldn’t walk, and even if he could walk, the cops would have noticed the buldge

    8) how did the joker overpower the guard in his cell? it skipped that scene…joker was just pummeled by batman one minute ago, and somehow he has the strength and skill to overcome that whoopin and beat a guard? and even if he beat the guard, how does he get out of the cell with him? with a knife!

    9) when he asked for his one phone call, and dialed the gut-bomb, notice how the explosion rocked the entire police building…killing or knocking out everyone….except for the joker!

    10) the harvey dent transformation (both physical and mental) was completely unplausible. i won’t even go to the physical, it was ridiculous. the fact that someone could go from putting away bad guys and being an overal hero to killing the commisioner’s son is insane. i couldnt buy that for one second. what? just because the joker told him to? wasn’t dent trying to put away the joker? wasn’t it obvious that the joker planted the bombs that killed his girlfriend? he would have /killed/ the joker in the hospital, no questions asked.

    11) why did morgan freeman quit? because he didn’t want to be in the next movie? where is loyalty, and why doesnt batman get the benefit of the doubt? (forget about the sonar thing, that is completely ridiculous and impossible…as were the glowing eye orbs, please!)

    12) why did batman want to have them blame everything on him at the end? to save dent’s reputation? fine, how about this…blame the joker!! what good does it do for batman to take the fall? that was all so stupid.

    i have never seen a movie with so many flaws get such positive reviews, i just don’t get it!

  6. lol! Valid points sugar but I loved it! I almost had a heartattack when he wreaked the batmobile and that other hot car he rode. The voice was over the top as always but overall..AMAZING. BAtman and Ironman should get together with the Hulk and make alot of comic book fans happy and faint hearted;)

  7. Horrendous movie. Forget all the technical implausibilities and plot holes. You have to, because there were 50,000 of them. The real reason the movie stank…. It was just plain BORING. None of the criminals ever became someone you would hate. The whole story was convoluted and hard to follow. And for crying out loud, in action ‘save the city, country, and planet’ movies, you actually have to save it in the end. I don’t know what the end was here. Wait, yes I do…. it was dumb, and anti-climactic. If my wife hadn’t asked to see it, I would have walked out halfway through. Does anyone who saw it have any desire to see it again?

    Seriously. Take my advice and stay home. You’ll thank me.

  8. 1. No Bat Cave
    There were many places that batman used as his “cave” not just the one under wyane manner (which is burnt to the ground by the way)

    2. The Destruction of the Batmobile
    The batmobile has been destroyed many times and he gets new ones and How would that make a movie suck anyway?
    3. Inferior to Dogs
    The Batsuit has been know to have weak spots.

    4. All-Along Guess Work
    this is because the joker is nothing more than an agent of chaos and no normal detective or batman could even predict somethings he would do. Predictable villains make boring unrealistic movies anyway.
    5. Sonar Vision
    The hostages were on different floors and levels as well as the swat team so there would be cell phones and probably a lot of them.

    To chrisnova10 and his points

    6) umm the joker took control of the whole city and its resources so I think it’s possible.

    7) Have you try that before? please do and then tell me if the guy survives the surgery . he was a big guy to so I don’t think they would notice something sticking out of him. I’m joking there this is a valid point.

    8) The guard probably had a key and if you saw the last fight scene with batman and the joker the joker holds his own so I think that explains how he beat that guard up.

    9) umm it knocked everyone out? was that determined maybe the joker just cause a fire that forced everyone to leave the building, the building scene was cut off after that, also the joker is know of being fast and strong so with tons hurt, killed, and not knowing if there were other bombs it would be pretty easy to just get up and walk out not many will stop you in that case .

    10) He was under so much pressure and he listened to his love die and it was painful to see batman save him and not her because joker lied about there locations. So that could drive somebody crazy in my opinion and killing the joker is like killing a dog and not the guy who let him off his lease .

    11) In the movie he didn’t he said if the wiretaps (sonar) was here we wouldn’t be. They were later destroyed so he didn’t quiet.

    12) because Harvey took the blame as being the batman and risked his own life so batman returned the favor.

  9. 1 Batman is supposed to be a nocturnal character. The basement had lights like a car showroom!

    2 It sucks because it was deliberate.

    3 Deflect bullets but penetrate teeth?

    4 “Riddle me this..”. It’s all detective work. Villans always leave traces for him figure out. It’s what they enjoy doing.

    5 Sonar waves do not penetrate walls well enough. If they were x-rays, though..

  10. This ought to put an end to this debate:

    From Robert Downey Jr. interview:

    “I loved ‘The Prestige’ but didn’t understand ‘The Dark Knight’. Didn’t get it, still can’t tell you what happened in the movie, what happened to the character and why in the end they need him to be a bad guy. I’m like, ‘I get it. This is so high brow and so f–king smart, I clearly need a college education to understand this movie.’ You know what? F-ck DC comics. That’s all I have to say and that’s where I’m really coming from.”

  11. Chrisnova10.

    the reason harvey did that stuff is because Havey Dent= TWO FACE. TWO FACE= BAD GUY. BAD GUY= attempting to kill the commissioner’s son.

    And Morgan Freeman didn’t quit, he put in Lucius Fox, which destroyed the program that was watching over everything. He’s still with the Batman enterprise.

  12. “Two Face is a Bad Guy Now!” is a cop out. You can’t just decree him a bad guy and expect everyone to believe it. A good storyteller CAN make a hero into a villian — I’m not denying that– but the film didn’t do that. The Batman Comics did it way better than the movie. He still needs motivation for what he does, and to jump from champion of justice to man without morals was unrealistic. He didn’t even misunderstand WHO killed Rachel– he knew it was Joker, yet he didn’t care. If you’re trying to tell us he’s gone crazy BECAUSE Rachel died, then you can’t expect us to buy that he won’t blame the joker. If there had been a misunderstanding in there making him think Batman was at fault, I could even believe that maybe. But they didn’t even do that.

    And the CG effect on his face was something else. I think his bulgy eye socket said it all regarding the credibility of the thing. I know it’s a comic but it didn’t even feel like that, either.

    ChrisNova is 100% correct, on every single point. You can’t just go ‘gee that Joker!’ to explain everything away. You treat your audience like children…

    By the way my post contains spoilers :D

  13. I loved this movie a lot. All the characters in the Dark Knight are the best of all of movies. Best Bathman, Best Joker, Best Alfred, Best Rachel, Best Lucius, Best Jim Gordon etc… I didn’t like the sonar thing either as it was an invasion of privacy but I do agree with Batman though that he NEEDED to find him.

    I read a lot of these comments and Batman had to take the fall for what Harvey did so that no one found out what Harvey did. If they did, all of those bad guys he got put in jail would have been released. I thought too about blaming it on the Joker instead. Then the Joker would have spilled the beans and told everyone Harvey did it. With Batman taking the blame the Joker would have gone along with it and would actually have supported it, thinking..he really has gone crazy…like me!!! I LIKE IT!!!

    I love the movie so much that it actually makes me sad that I have to wait until my kids are older before I can let them watch it. I’ve let them watch Batman Begins. That one’s not too violent.

    I really love this movie and my husband and I watch it over and over and find something new and interseting about it every time. That’s how good books and stories are. You get something else out of it every time you read them.

    I was disappointed at first that Batman saved Dent instead of Rachel. I was disappointed that he said he was saving Rachel and then saved Dent. I was so confused. However, watching it again, I realized that the Joker switched the addresses. Gordon figures he’s saving Dent but is actually outside of Rachel’s place and he doesn’t get there in time. Batman is surprised when it’s Dent but saves him because he wouldn’t be able to save Rachel now. No time.

    If Batman had actually gone to save Dent instead of Rachel I wouldn’t have liked that, but it turns out that he did actually tru to save Rachel. The Joker is brilliantly evil. He knew that Batman would save Rachel and to turn both Batman and Harvey mad, kill Rachel on them.

    It’s very well written and it’s a great movie. It also keeps things open for another movie after this. I love it.

  14. 1. No Batcave

    Wayne Manor was destroyed in the previous film. The Batcave was beneath it so it’s being rebuilt. This is even mentioned in the movie. I guess you weren’t paying attention.

    2. The Destruction of the Batmobile

    The Batmovile was featured in a long chase scene in the previous film, so they wanted to do something different. Also, Batman had to stop the truck behind Harvey’s but then deal with the one from the Joker, which was separated by concrete columns: he had to take the hit.

    I’m pretty sure by now that you haven’t seen Batman Begnis, which means you’re judging a story by it’s second half.

    3. Inferior to Dogs

    Dogs can cling to your arms and legs and are suprisingly resistant to pain, you need to do some serious damage before they let go. Also, the fact that something is bulletproof does not make it knife-proof (or teeth-proof). Chainmail stops knifes but not bullets. Kevlar does the opposite.

    4. All-Along Guess Work

    The whole POINT is that the Joker is so good, so insanely unpredictable that Batman simply can’t deal with everything at the same time. That’s why he “has to burn the forest down” like Alfred told him he had done with a raider in the jungle. The Joker never stops, not for one second. Even if it’s the simplest thing, he poses moral dilemas on Batman, Gordon and Harvey for so long that they simply cannot deal with it.
    Hence, Batman is faced with another moral choice: Do something that is completely wrong (spying on everyone) to catch him or let people die.

    5. Sonar Vision
    Yes, the cell-phone sonar is far fetched, but most action movies are really unrealistic. I don’t like unrealistic elements but this was just one part of an awesome movie.


    I think the use of the gas barrels in the movie was bad, but i shrug it as an “artistic” thing. The scenes could have been done using a case of C4, but seeing so many barrels is much more striking.

    There were a number of bad things with the movie, but I believe no where near as many or as important as to throw away the acting, music, effects, plot, dialogue and look of the movie away and claim “this movie sucked”. It is, by far, the best movie i’ve ever seen based on a superheroe.

  15. Really, monoespacial? The BEST movie you’ve seen based on a superhero? Then I feel very bad for your taste in flicks. Your whole argument was basically pointing out all the faults of the film then agreeing with them, even though you initially did not like them. Pick a decision already. You seem to only defend the bad points of the film just because it’s The Dark Knight in general. No, see, that doesn’t cut it. You can’t say you dislike it then say you do just because it’s part of a crappy film; with an equally crappy director like Chris Nolan.

    Batman is a deadly martial artist who trained with the most dangerous league known. There is absolutely NO WAY that a dog will ever take a master of a deadly fighting style off guard. There is simply just no way at all. That argument on the behalf of the dogs made no sense at all. Yes, dogs are tough and they bite hard, but for a deadly and lethal fighter it should make no difference whatsoever.

    The Joker is just “so good”? No, not buying that either. Just because Bale Batman is a moron doesn’t justify anything in the movie itself at all. The fact is the scene was bad writing on Nolan(no surprise there!)’s part. Batman doesn’t NEED to spy on everyone just to find Joker, and that is why he’s labeled as the “World’s Greatest Detective”. Period. You just want to back up a shit movie because you liked it, and that is the ONLY reason you constantly contradict yourself. And all the other morons here who back this shitty movie up have all been fooled by how horribly sad and pathetic this attempt at recreating Batman and his most dangerous arch nemesis really is.

    How anyone could have enjoyed this movie is beyond me. It is a suck ass piece of garbage that people in my theater fell asleep through, and the children who love Batman basically ignored after the plot got ridiculous and lame. So, yes, this is proof that the Batman Reboot has failed on every level thus far and the only people who back it are mourners for Heath Ledger and those who enjoy boring, zero fun films. I’m glad all of you wasted your money on seeing this garbage because I didn’t waste a dime on this trash.

  16. You should have added one more reason. They let TwoFace died too soon,he should be back in more sequels… and i am sure Joker will have a change of actor which will suck :( I want Heath Ledger back

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