Style Islam

Got this via email: Style Islam makes modern street/casual clothing, “with attitude” for proud muslim youths. Some may find their designs a little controversial, but the idea behind it is interesting nonetheless, take a look:


14 thoughts on “Style Islam

  1. Wth everything that’s going around the world and with the way muslims are portrayed, do you think it’s wise to walk around with those t shirts?
    don’t get me wrong I do believe in being proud of ur beliefs but wouldn’t that put them in sticky situations if they were worn in a foreign country? it immediatly draws attention and I don’t mean the good way! unfortunetly alot of those so called muslims have distorted the image of islam around the world and this could cause problems and jeopardize their safety.

    that’s just my opinion

  2. NICEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! Love em. But like 3abeer say, some of the shirts can draws negative situations if you wear it wrong place and wrong time. Like jesus is a muslim. Yeah according to our belief, jesus is a muslim but to their religion, jesus is their god son or something like that. They might be insulted. But shirt like medinah, muslim by nature and worship the creator not creation is seriously cool. It got message that only muslim or people that understand islam understand and yet doesn’t give wrong message to non-muslim

  3. I saw this on T.V in wa6an where they were discussing the idea of how these kind of clothes shud be advertised more to our youth…not the t-shirts with dirty pictures and images :) anyways I think this isn’t a good idea becuz you r labeling yourself to the world..if u believe in something u shud think it urself..

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