Writing Clearly

I found a cool guide via Digg on how to write clearly that reiterates the fact that many bloggers underestimate the advantages of writing short concise posts. Long posts, in general, give the impression of being tedious and it’s been shown numerously that people ‘scan’ rather than read them.

I highly recommend reading it if you wish to improve your writing. With a little practice, conveying thoughts will become easier and readers will spend less effort on your blog and more time enjoying it :)


22 thoughts on “Writing Clearly

  1. Please read the following, people who slap random words in their post titles.

    A headline “is a promise to prospective readers. Its job is to clearly communicate the benefit that you will deliver to the reader in exchange for their valuable time,” says Brian Clark.”

    Thank you, sir Brian Clark!

  2. Honestly i scan through most of the ‘long posts’

    also i am a bad writer … no shame to admit that . Thanks for the article i will read it … not scan for sure.

  3. I agree! I love short posts. Simple and to the point. Otherwise it feels like a chore to read sometimes.

    K.I.S.S. – Keep it simple stupid.

    No offense to long post writers.

  4. I think a post should be as long as it needs to be. The point is not to avoid writing a long post just for the sake of keeping it short, but to always asks yourself when you write, “Did I say what I wanted to say and is it clear?” I could be a 1 to 2 thousand word posts or a 100 short paragraph. As long as it’s clear and gets the message across.

  5. We need both synthesis and analysis. We must be careful in selecting words. We need concentration and effort to write meaningfully. Otherwise, we shall offer sentences without a meaning.

  6. Another important Q.

    Is it possible to set Thunderbird to recieve multiple email accounts from google & hotmail for example at the same time? Or maybe 2 different google hotmail accounts at the same time?

    Or is that something that only happens in Allice in Wonderland?

  7. Sushi, hotmail doesn’t support the standard IMAP or POP3 access so you’ll probably need a plugin or a special sort of software.

    In general, all email clients can send and receive on multiple accounts.

    You’ll need to enable POP3 or IMAP on Gmail before you’ll be able to access it via any email client. You should find it in the settings.

  8. TOTALLY AGREE!! I don’t read long posts.. they bore me and I feel they go on and on…anyways thats just ME! I luv short posts and I write cuz they r easy to read, also they give enough enough to leave me thinking :D…

  9. “Long posts, in general, give the impression of being tedious and it’s been shown numerously that people ’scan’ rather than read them.”

    LOL, are you talking to me :P


  10. It is easier to write long passages. It is more difficult to think well and write concisely and precisely. Short, incisive and meaningful statements require more efforts. Let us write well and be short and sweet.

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