Cookthink: The Recipe Search Engine

Brought to my attention via CommandNCookThink is a website that lets you type in any combination of ingredients, dish types, cuisines, or moods then automagically matches them to delicious easy-to-do recipes to satisfy your cravings. Their database is far from comprehensive at the moment, although they claim new recipes are added daily.

Great for quick everyday meals in my opinion; definitely worth checking out. If you’re like me though, too lazy to prepare anything, head over to the Paper Dump, type in, “sandwich”, and order away! :P

14 thoughts on “Cookthink: The Recipe Search Engine

  1. Paper Dump > This

    Seriously, Paper Dump has been one of the frequent sites I visit since I came to Kuwait. I got introduced to many great (and crappy) restaurants.

  2. Looks nice! I craved a pizza pie and there were a lot of interesting results. My perfect recipe data base would be one that doesn’t demand you to go to the supermarket for the ingredients. I’m keeping the link =)

    P.S there’s clam pizza? =/ how weird is that?!!

  3. Wonderful. Could be really handy for someone picky about food. Someone like me.

    I noticed though I am searching for olives, and it gives me olive oil!

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