Keeping Fit

Building your body is like taking care of your teeth; you don’t brush your teeth for hours, but you do it everyday. —Gym Trainer


16 thoughts on “Keeping Fit

  1. 3baid, as usual a Q.

    I want to use iTunes but i’m having problems with creating accounts so I decided to go to a Mac store and buy iTunes Store internet Card instead. They told me I wont be able to use it unless I’m in the country. I already have a land address here but my billing address is from a bank in Q8 so I’m confused now. Ppl in Kuwait can’t use the iTune store?

    Can’t I just use the US’ or UK’s site while being in Kuwait?

  2. Sushi, the gym is for enjoyment not punishing your body. Over time, you’ll see results.

    Suspic, if you’re not motivated, someone’s gonna have to make you!

    Sushi, I’ll email you the answer :P

    Vixen, actually every other day is fine, but the idea is that it becomes part of your lifestyle —like a habit.

    Laylay, yessir.

  3. I fail to see the resemblance between building one’s body and daily hygiene even in a metaphoric way. One is an incremental (constant improvement) process while the other is kind of maintenance. I do agree though that training beyond a certain amount of time (or sets/repetitions) per day (depending on the type of training) will get you to the point of diminishing return.

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