A Cat With Table Manners?

Now that’s etiquette!


22 thoughts on “A Cat With Table Manners?

  1. Poor poor cat looooool That woman is crazy! She needs to adopt a child and spare some poor soul in Africa instead of torturing that cat.

  2. 1. mbarak 3alaik eshahar
    2. I am not a cat person, and I hate to say this… but its really impressive
    3. I still am not a cat person…
    4. that cat is freaking me out for some reason :-S

  3. I got not audio, but the fact that this is on sci-fi makes it all too fishy.. ;l On a serious note, I was truly amazed when the chop sticks came out lol

  4. The cat uses chopsticks better than I do … :(

    I feel sorry for the cat, but hey, she gets to eat caviar, prawns and other things, besides Tuna. So if you think of it, the cat is winner in this deal!

    I wouldn’t want my cat to be like that though. Coughing up fur balls on the table, isn’t a scene you wanna see while eating :p

  5. Worried? Worried? I am not worried… I will just ban my brothers from youtube incase they happen to see this video and get ideas for our cat!

    Mbarak 3alayk elshahaaaar!

  6. القطه حلوة بس يخيلي ان جلوسها فوق الطاولة في حد ذاته خطر علي صحة البشر المحيطين بيها
    هو شعر القطه يسبب حساسية في الجهاز التنفسي و يسبب الإجهاض للناسء الحوامل
    وربنا عنده حكم في كل شيء
    رمضانكم مبروك
    من ليبيا

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