The Google Chrome Difference

Google’s new browser, Chrome, is undoutably one of the fastest browsers available, but for me, its speed and multiprocessing are the least of my favorite features. I think the team behind Chrome’s UI have done an exceptional job of, “keeping things out of the way” and making the user experience incredibly simple. Here’s why:

1. No Title Bar Or Menu Bar

Your tabs are your titles. Simple, no?

2. The Omnibox

You can navigate, search google, or use other search engines that you frequent, all on one box!

3. Hidden Bookmarks

Bookmarks only appear when you open a new tab. Unless you want them there all the time ofcourse :)

4. No Home Button

New tabs show you your most visted sites and search engines. No need to wait, or look at the “about:blank” page.

5. No Status Bar

The status bar only apears when it is needed; while hovering on a link or loading a page. Otherwise, it’s not there.

6. Download Now, Deal With It Later

No more, “save or run?” dialogs; you don’t worry about file names, where they’re being downloaded or what their source are. Downloads sit quietly at the bottom of the tab that is associated with it until you open them or drag them out to your favorite folder. There’s also a download log page that lets you search through your download history.

7. One Window

Websites that try to open up links in new windows are forced to open in new tabs, unless you pull them to form a seperate window. There are almost no dialog boxes or popups; everything is confined within the tab.

Overall, Chrome feels as though it’s running on “full screen” mode all the time. If you spend a lot of time online, sooner or later you’ll probably forget what your desktop looked like. If you haven’t given it a try yet, head over to their site and see for yourself.


21 thoughts on “The Google Chrome Difference

  1. I think its not only for windows Buuuuuuuut I think They need time because you have Firefox with all these nice and cool addons ^^

    So you have to wait for google web browser until they get useful addons :)

  2. Here is the deal dowloaded Chrome, tested it for 1 hour and uninstalled it. I dont see whats the hype about, I ran it with MS 7.0, no performance gains. I don’t like the history page, I don’t like the menu and its still in beta. I also tested the MSIE 8.0, lots of cool feature, could not test them, however looks promising.

  3. Chrome is great. I really like it :)
    but it does have some problems, esp. when visiting arabic websites. Either way it really exceeds expectations as a beta version ^_^

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