Why I Never Have The Time For Anime

Or anything else for that matter.

My online browsing averages about 100 pages a day:

I’m subscribed to 144 feeds, most of which are active:


I listen and watch a total of 27 different podcasts: 

I manage several blogs/sites including this one.

Then there are things like phone calls, emails, SMS, IMs, youtube, spam-checking, and other distractions that occur throughout the day. How do I make time to watch anime?! :/


12 thoughts on “Why I Never Have The Time For Anime

  1. yikes! I wouldn’t dare calculate everything i read/listen/browse, the number would just kill me. It is enough my room is now our living room because i wouldn’t leave my “station”.

  2. I think I match your combination of items, plus maintaining a few servers and working on a few hardware projects.. We are about the same for feeds and sites.. I don’t listen to podcasts though, not my thing..

    But there is ALWAYS time for anime..

    sleep is what I lack my friend…

    All I have been doing Recently is amassing more and more anime! lol

  3. I am busy myself too but for different reasons!
    I work in the morning, and I look after a special project (or projects) after futoor i have… I have tons of email, text msgs, and calls to answer or reply to regarding my projects… my energy is drained and my parents are out of town so here you go… good thing is I can juggle LOL

  4. I think sleeping 8 hours is too much to take from my day especially that i do go to work for 8 hours too, which leaves me with only 8 hours to check the net, read, go out to shop or enjoy life!

    life is short

    and i pretty much share with u the browsing rate in every day :p im glad im not the only one and im not a net-maniac :p

  5. Indeed. It seems you lack the proper skill of managing your time accordingly. However, listening to podcasts, managing blogs, and browsing the feeds are still one of the things people do to kill the time. So, it’s not like you don’t have the time to watch anime or play videogames for that matter, you do have the time but you prefer to the former list than the latter.

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