This Week in the Blogosphere

Here are some highlights:

This post literally took +3 hours to compile. Don’t hold your breath for the upcoming weeks.

15 thoughts on “This Week in the Blogosphere

  1. WHAT!!!

    I’m not in the news? How come? That’s discrimination.

    It’s a nice idea I thought of, but got lazy to do. Hint is to have a notepad or something like it, just paste any link you find interesting during the week for weekly post.

    Ansam: Show off :P

  2. Yeah, I second Bashar. Why the hell I’m not in the news? Me wants some publicity damn it!


    Kidding ;)

    But I’m surprised with your decision on probably making this kind of post a one time thing. I mean when I read the title, I was like “WOW! Has 3baid been doing this weekly? So, it’s a great idea and I hope someone would pick it up and make a commitment to the idea, and of course, I’m implying you are lazy or anything. I mean you are a busy person after all and you have your own life, and I’m even more surprised that it took you more than 3 hours to put it up, because if it were me, it would have taken me longer time than that. So, pat yourself on the back for doing an excellent blog piece and hopefully the original creator of a great idea :)

  3. 3baid, you do the most interesting things. I love the whole ecological Paper Dump idea, and I am eager to see what you come up with for Blog Action Day (October 15th) on Poverty.

    Thanks for including me. (Didn’t Jaquie used to do this?)

  4. Ansam, nah I’ll leave that up to you :P

    Bashar, there are too many posts and I had to pick the most relevant ones. There will be next time :)

    Angelo, I’m not the first person to think of this idea, but as far as I’m aware, I’m the only one who implemented it.

    Don Veto, yup :)

    Intlxpatr, I wanted to include the Blog Action Day article, but I thought it concerned a broader audience than Kuwaiti bloggers so left it out. The general idea is to have readers look at one of your post, and then get interested in your blog and read the other things you had to say :)

    Shosho, big pearls, Marzouq, organic kuwait, Die-Na-Mite, thank you. I’ll try to keep it up.

  5. forza is doing this for over a year for the global voice weekly updates, it’s a good help if you can round up bloggers activities… and fun too

    keep up the good work

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