The Technical Twit

A rather unusual incident occurred last night: MBH, another close friend and I had gone out to Hawalli’s Bin Khaldoon Street to check out some computer hardware prices. While browsing, we entered one of the shops where a foreign man wearing a shirt and trousers was standing at the salesman’s desk asking for good antivirus software. His facial features resembled that of an Arab, however his english was better than most of the foreign workers here.

If you don’t know by now, as Linux and Mac users, my friends and I are considered ‘geeks’ when it comes to computers, so it was only natural for one of them to recommend Kaspersky to the customer. When the man heard that remark, he turned around to face him and that’s when it all fell apart.

Without quoting him, he said that the suggestion was either based on personal opinion, or a marketing opinion, but not a technical one. My friend assured him that it was not a marketing one as they have deployed Kaspersky software at their own workplace and it is proven secure. The man demanded to know what industry my friend was working in as he began to raise his voice. My friend replied that he works very close to the IT department of a local bank and that he is certain of his information.

At this point the man starts rudely yelling that he is working on a, “big project” that could, “save the economy” and he doesn’t want my friend’s opinion because he would rather speak with the technical people —and by technical people, he means the poor Bengali selling computer peripherals— insinuating that he was interrupted.

My friend calmly asked him why he had raised his voice and if he spoke arabic so that he could make himself clear. The man replied with a few words in arabic, then muttered something else in another language which none of us could identify. Thought he could impress us perhaps?

In the end, we let him be and walked out. MBH was quiet the whole time, my friend was furious from the reaction that he got but kept his cool —he was only offering advice after all— while I couldn’t help myself but laugh at the idea of a madman running a “big project” on an already-flawed operating system using only an off-the-shelf antivirus as a means of security!

If by any chance that idiot happens to be reading this, I suggest doing your own research before lashing out at others. What a pity; that anger must’ve stemmed from his own frustration with Windows’ malware and spyware.


13 thoughts on “The Technical Twit

  1. ennas 9ayreen 3ajeebeen
    lidaraja enna elwa7id gam e’7af yit7acha la y7oosha min hal ashkal
    bs tabi e9ara7a hatha yay feee shr
    ana astanis lamma a7ad yin9a7ni ’79o9an etha ana yayya as2al 3n shy

  2. This shows how this world has become so screwed up that people don’t even accept kindness anymore. Like that 3gaidi incident I had a few months back. Imbeciles.

    Screw him… I hope that bengali recommended some cheap anti virus so his big project gets F-ed up.

    and I’m glad to see my choice within that list (F-Secure). :]

  3. Funny, in a “stab-you-in-the-face” kind of way…

    The thing is, the dude initially IGNORED the advice, then he turned and started raising his voice.

    I didn’t pay much attention as I was asking one of the salesmen / “technical people” for prices of some hardware I’m looking for. A few minutes later, I noticed the raised voice and tension!

    What’s really funny is that the moron said that he doesn’t want the opinion from us, as he want a “purely technical” opinion that isn’t flawed by marketing hype, and he wanted that opinion from the technical guys in front of him, just like he took the technical opinions from the “other technical people” in other SHOPS!

    I was laughing inside at the faces of the salesmen when he said “technical people” as their faces were like: “Uhhhhhhhhh”

    el 7amdellah wel sheker…

  4. Weirdoooo! What the heck is wrong with those people. He must be thinking for him self he is gonna blow their minds off when he come proactively with the solution that will save his enterprise. Sounds like Buzz in Toy Story, wanting to save the galaxy :)

    I am reading dale carnegie book for dealing with others, and I keep saying to my self, all those nice tested manners would fail miserably in Kuwait. That’s one example.

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