Can’t get Wifi working on your Amilo Pro?

I found out today that, even with the correct intel drivers, Wifi on FujitsuĀ Siemen’sĀ Amilo Pro laptops (at least the 3XXX series) will not work unless the Launch Manger is installed. The Launch Manager is an application that defines what the ‘hotkeys’ do; you need it to press the button to enable wireless communication.

I had originally thought that those buttons were hard-wired switches, but since they’re clearly software driven, I think it’s silly that they’re not associated with Windows’ or Intel’s power management utility by default.


6 thoughts on “Can’t get Wifi working on your Amilo Pro?

  1. My IBM T43, when had Windows, even without IBM’s Access Connections software installed, Windows was able to control the wireless/bluetooth function keys.

    It’s weird that Fujitsu would do such a thing…

  2. I had somewhat similar problem with my old Acer laptop. Bluetooth was no longer available after formatting but once I got Acer Empowering Tech installed bluetooth worked again yet not fully functional. :/

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