This Week in the Blogosphere

Alright, first things first: I’ve been working hard on a couple of things this week, primarily adding new features to Kuwait Paper Dump (check out the blog for updates) so please excuse the sudden absence of my comments on your blogs. Second, I’ve noticed that Safat isn’t aggregating all the blogs that it lists so if your posts doesn’t show up there, chances are, I won’t see them to include them in these weekly briefs. Having said all that, here are this week’s highlights:


12 thoughts on “This Week in the Blogosphere

  1. Ducatiq8i, I try to keep the list as minimal and Kuwaiti-related as possible. Marzouq had a good post about Dubai’s aiport terminal, but I had to leave it out as well :/

    Laialy, thank you :)

  2. Catism shares a video about date-flavored ketchup from Saudi Arabia

    Fahad shares pictures of the Blue Mosque in Tabriz, Iran

    Ra-1 shares some photos of her trip to Hong Kong

  3. Ducatiq8i, it’s posts that are interesting and have good qualities and maybe contain pictures/video/detail or are simply discussed in many blogs (such as the rain posts).

    If I were to add a one-line post that says “I’m traveling”, then I’d have to add all those other posts that say “I’m bored”, “I hate work”, “My car is broken”, etc… you get the idea.

    There are well over 500 posts a week, you can’t expect me to include all blogs.

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