Macbooks at Al-Ghanim Electronics

Macbook Price

The new single-enclosure aluminum MacBooks are currently available at Al-Ghanim Electronics, tagged with a mind-boggling price of a little over KD 700. Cash discount included. While the most expensive configuration is listed around KD 432 on Apple’s website, a salesperson reasons, “it’s because they have the new nVidia chipsets and DVD writers”.

Oh please. For that amount, I had purchased (and shipped) the high-end 15″ Macbook Pro last year. When will this consumer exploitation stop?

Note: The Macbook on display did not even have an arabic keyboard!

Update: Nabbed a picture. (KD 936.250 it says)


24 thoughts on “Macbooks at Al-Ghanim Electronics

  1. Wow, that’s expensive. They’re obviously gray market imports and I would assume that’d make the cheaper than what you can get in a store that does their buying from ABM.

  2. I have no idea how they keep hiring those stupid salesmen. They can’t even differentiate between MacBook and MacBook Pro.

    I asked the guys at Virgin store when the new MBP will arrive and he said “The new MBP hasn’t been introduced by Apple yet, only the MacBook and it will arrive in a few weeks”.

    *F-word* it. el sharha 3alay ana elly sa2lik. :/

  3. HS, who in their right mind would spend that money, when they could buy a regular laptop for a fraction of the price?

    Magnus, it’s still too much for a notebook, especially knowing how technology has such high depreciation.

    MacaholiQ8, haha, I’ve been told that the MacBook Pro is “only for graphics professionals” and that I don’t need it. What kind of sales people tell you that you don’t need to buy something? XD

  4. Yeah… If Apple knew about this marketing they would never ship anything to Kuwait. :/

    Wanna have some fun? Sneak into one of the stores, grab one of their Macs and invert the screen colors or simply zoom-in the screen, stand back and watch how they try to fix it! xD

  5. It’s priced for the “rich idiots” who have no problems buying that… it arrived here, the $2000 model for 9000SR which is almost fair.. almost .. considering what I would pay for shipping/tax/customs/laser printing of arabic letters .. but I will wait as well..

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  7. @uturni it always happen with new products, especially if the dealer is weak/unavailable/greedy.. Examples: nokia (here in Saudi always cost more when it’s a new release), nintendo(lack of a middle east dealer), some cars (jomaih have an exclusivity on Cadillac they jack the price up up ),… Too many to count..

    Apple is another example.. Hopefully the recent removal of IMC will help ..

  8. Well i have a different theory .. I think it is this ridiculous and annoying apple fanaticism that bugged me & every PC person for the past 3 years.

    Once average people realize they are just another piece of machine prone to the same (If not worse) malfunctions and problems as PCs, their prices will be proportionate to PC items.

  9. there is no way I would buy an overpriced machine.. Just for the record when I bought my MacBook pro I compared it’s price (based on specs) and found a Sony and Asus and both were more expensive!

    No, it’s just greedy stores and a minority of “rich idiots” who just want to get it first no matter the price..

  10. well, if you guys talking about prices, i’d like to tell you that DIGITS have the best prices always, it is higher than US, but DIGITS give international guarantee for each device for one year, and they install all the applications needed by the customers for free, and they give support to thiere customers all the time, not only that! they have workshop in marina mall , which is so great that you can reach there easily. the keyboard is arabic english, which you cant find in the states, and many other services they are provide.

    they also do events! to support apple community, however they are planning a huge event now where u can satisfy all your mac needs! and technology too. that is the details for the event.

    Tech & More Exhibition
    Technology & More
    venue: Marina Mall Bridge
    From 1/4/2009 to 14/4/2009

    Keep up with Technology and join us at the TECH & MORE exhibition that will take place in Marina Mall Bridge, Where u can satisfy all your high tech needs, as well enjoying all Mac products.

    Organizer : DIGITS Apple Premium Reseller
    Platinum Sponsor : American University of Kuwait

    we will update you with other sponsor for the events and companies that will participate with us.

    Media Partner : Annahar Newspaper
    Ahlan! Magazine
    StudenTalk Magazine
    More Media partners are joining us soon!

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