The Origin of the Word “Estikana”

According to an email forward, the word “estikana”, the Kuwaiti term for a small tea glass, originates from the english phrase, “East Tea Can”. After the British Colonization in India, the army took these glasses as souvenirs and used that reference to distinguish them from their large tea cups.


17 thoughts on “The Origin of the Word “Estikana”

  1. this is one of those things that is really a fantastically useless piece of information… but I love it! It means that if I ever go on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire , I’ve got one more answer to a question that could be asked! Thanks! hehe


  2. interesting find 3baid, can we verify this anywhere? I tend not to believe most email forwards.

    If it’s valid, the question is: what were estikanas called in Kuwait before the British came over and called it that?

    uturni: I’m not a linguist, but many languages do that. You should look at japanese vocabulary. Door is Doa, Elevator is Erevetaru, etc.

  3. Nice :D hehehehehe I like it east tea can it would be better as east tea cup :P

    Z: for the Japanese they use a 4 system vowels or less for easy pronunciation, such as Victory they say (Bi-ku-to-ri) this is 4 letters in katakana. Or they say for V as (Bu-i) which is also Victory. They love short cuts :P

  4. Anonymous Coward, you think it originated from Russia? :O

    Z, the original word was “byala”, which is still used today, but less often.

    Maybe they used to be made out of metal so they resembled cans? *shrug*

  5. actually, back in college our professor -of anthropology- gave an assignment to the class about the origins of the word estikana
    After my research I liked this the best:

    Osta Khan -of Iraq, and I think of Turkish blood- used to make those little glass cup for tea and the word estikana is driven from his name el Osta Khan ;-)

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  8. In Russia and all ex soviet union they use the name estikan
    Even Kuwait used to import the best quality estikans from Rassia up to mid 1970
    Samaware is Russian the actual part of tea making
    Few things are related to the English language but I do not think estikan is

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