WordPress 2.7


I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am about the upcoming version of WordPress (officially due tomorrow!). The development team has done a remarkable job of revamping the entire user dashboard based on usability test results.

Click here to watch a video of what’s to come.

Another upcoming feature is Comment Reply Via Email, but it is still under heavy testing. You can visit the WordPress Blog for more about the future of WordPress.

Update: Looks like it’s been delayed until December 5th.


9 thoughts on “WordPress 2.7

  1. Inserting an image is still a bitch.

    It was much simpler like VB forums, now I have to press something, let it load then press insert to post and after that click on it to open the Advanced panel to add a border.

    Either I’m missingg a quick insert button or they suck.

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