Our Neighbors Are Funny

I was trying to connect to my wireless home network when I noticed this:


I couldn’t help but laugh. I personally prefer a short SSID for cases when I might need to type it in manually, but I bet some people have already come up with silly names or phrases to call their networks.

Have you come across odd wifi network names before?

11 thoughts on “Our Neighbors Are Funny

  1. lol!

    I haven’t seen any nor much of wifi SSIDs around me, and I only joined the wireless community a few months back. I hate it.

    I told you before we should go war-driving, and “explore” the many funny SSIDs in Kuwait ;p

    I bet we’d see something like: “tekfaEshbek”, “secureWiFi” (which has no password), “bluetooth” (3gaidi m’6ayye3), …etc.

  2. lol ..

    I have just found the weirdest network name after reading this post. I found a network named “ask 309 for password.”

    309 is an apartment’s number in my complex .. lol.

  3. i have the following around ..


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