Scoops Opening


My friends and I happened to be at the Scoops opening yesterday at the Ibis Hotel in Salmiya. They were serving free ice cream, tea and cakes, all of which were tasty and came in perfectly small proportions. The owner and his wife, who I didn’t get the chance to catch their names, were very friendly and very kind to offer their Menu for the Paper Dump (which should be up shortly). Their prices are very reasonable by the way.

The location of the store is very nice since you can sit near their large window and have a full view of the road traffic below; the front of Laila Gallery. The atmosphere isn’t as cosy as some common cafe shops, but it’s definitely isolated from all the busy locations so it’s almost private in a way. Oh, and they claim to have free Wifi, but when I checked it was protected. Maybe we had to ask?

I managed to snap a few photos, even though a few did come out blurry:

If you’re looking for a small quiet place to have desserts, you might want to give them a try :)

Update: Here’s their menu


7 thoughts on “Scoops Opening

  1. yummmm I can never have enough of ice cream places. Its always good to hear about new ones opening up

    you know… I scream, you scream, we both scream for ICE CREAM :-P

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