T-Shirts at Virgin Megastore

T-shirts of various popular TV shows and comics such as Heroes, Marvel Superheroes, Batman, Simpsons, Family Guy, as well as Chuck Noris are being sold at the Virgin Megastore in Marina Mall. Check them out if you’re interested; they sell for around 8 KD each.


9 thoughts on “T-Shirts at Virgin Megastore

  1. I was upset they decreased book space to sell this stuff…but I have to admit they do have some cool stuff on sale. I got a Freddie Mercury wallet in a nice collector’s tin box and everything.

  2. Interesting! Is it a permanent thing or just a ma3rath! I wanna go check it out soon but I dont have time till the weekend :-(

    Next time you have such info just tell me before you post it 3ashan I go while I still can get something :-P before they get sold out ya3ni heehee

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