Qairwan Complex

The Qairwan Complex

This is the Qairwan Complex from the outside; it would’ve been more obvious if it weren’t for that giant bright Soft Island logo, no?


26 thoughts on “Qairwan Complex

  1. great post! what I hate about our “Silicon Valley” is that they think all women are stupid so they double the prices and tell us that’s the best brand in the market!

    Luckily, I have my connections, lol, and if this guy did not have the item, he’ll get it from from one of his friends’ shop and deliver it to me outside where I’ve “parked”.

    That’s why I love Hawalli. Great service. Great Prices.

  2. A bunch of thieves in shops, I tell you!!!

    The prices are much higher than the US, it doesn’t even justify shipping AND profit margin!

    The Soft Island on the first floor is almost always more expensive than the shop on the ground floor!! It makes no sense!

    I try to order from the US whenever I get the chance.


  3. thanks a lot , useful review
    i used to go to wala’a complex alot , now i go to that complex ili feeh mcdonalds..
    but most of the times i order from the net ..
    parking ur car there is moseeba ..

  4. 1 TB drive for 40 KD only!!!! @@
    Are you sure about it? What if it was by a crappy manufacturer?

    I’ve always loved Hawally, but sometime i wish it was more organized with less clutter and *cough* less 3ummal *cough*. This is no place for a girl.

    • I assure you, Western Digital isn’t a crappy manufacturer. They make VelociRaptor drives; one of the fastest hard drives in the market.

  5. Nice :)

    I don’t have a favorite store. Whichever has the best product with the best price earns my respect.

    Personally I prefer Maxtor over Western Digital because I had not only one but two bad experiences with WD hard drives, MyBook to be more specific.

  6. The AirLive (WL-5460AP v2) Access Point that I have is quite decent and have had it for a couple of months now and everything seems great.

    It offers MANY options, from power control down to basic traffic shaping.

    It’s Taiwanese, I think, but it’s working as it should and providing features that none of the other brands is offering in a simple access point (others would require a router!) And its price is quite reasonable (read: cheap)

    I should mention that I got the extra features when I upgraded its firmware (used the European one)

  7. MacaholiQ8, people have had different experiences with hard drives. In general though, it’s best to be cautious about where and how you place your drives to keep them safe. Yeah wordpress is being upgraded so you might see some hiccups :P

    Bashar, you have to use the commercial term, not the technical term :P “Cat 6” or “Gigabit ethernet” so they understand.

    MBH, I want to know how well their routers (not just access points) perform under high traffic and inbound connections. I don’t know how reliable they are because they’re so cheap.

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  9. I go to Soft Island and D-Link store to check out essential stuff! I know the feeling that you have roamed those streets for over a decade at this rate.. since the early/mid 90s!

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