Wala’a Complex

Wala’a Complex

This is the Wala’a Complex. It’s located opposite of Qairwan Complex and it’s only two traffic light crossings away. The only basement stores worth noting there are Gigabyte (for motherboards), and Z Mac Shop for Apple computers. You can also find pirated software down there, except I assume that most of my readers prefer to download them and save a few dinars. Anyway, moving along; the stores on the ground floor sell cheap storage media like CDs, DVDs, USBs, and you can find good deals on HP printers there.


10 thoughts on “Wala’a Complex

  1. Do you happen to know a good workshop other than the “so-not” Professional workshop?
    My laptop’s s-video outlet broke down (i guess) and no technician seems to understand why. They all think the problem is with my connector ;\

  2. Bashar, thanks.

    MS Loala, my best advice would be to take your laptop to its original distributer (wakeel) since each laptop is unique in design and you can’t use generic parts in most cases.

  3. 1) The Unix shop is a thief & a total rip-off.

    2) There is a shop that is facing Professional, that would also order you custom computers. I haven’t tried it though.
    This shop also does 3D work (renders your work, or makes what you need) — in fact, they have a render farm INSIDE the shop!!

    3) I dealt with Xtreme before and ordered a machine for work through him. If a package is busted, he would still ask you to pay half its amount (i.e., 50-50 blame). Everything ships through to his Aramex box.
    My advice: Use Sultan Center’s shop&ship and save the commission you’d pay the shop.

    4) Ms Loala: There’s an excellent shop in the complex next to Wala2 (Lo2lo2at Bin 5aldoun): It’s called Salmeen. They fix many types of hardware, even laptops. They’re quite honest and trustworthy too.

    DO NOT go to any other shop. The rest are thieves and would steal hardware parts from your laptop, like they did to a friend of mine and only got SOME of them after threatening to call the police.

    • MBH, they have RARE Arabic Anime! Sultan Center ships PC components? Any idea on how much they charge and how long it takes?

  4. The rare Arabic anime can be bought from the video shop in Al-Rihab complex in Hawalli (Tunis st.). The quality would be MUCH MUCH better than the crap rips the unix dude has.

    As for Sultan Center, from what I’ve heard it’s a bit cheaper than Aramex, and on top of shipping computer hardware they would also ship perfumes and cosmetic cremes, which Aramex doesn’t allow. I have no idea how much it takes to ship though.

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  6. I go to Professional all the time.. Gigabyte closed down I think.. I like going to professional and they have a good amount of equipment!

    Gonna check out Extreme and see what they can do for me .. I have something in mind! For my new rack that I am putting together! :)

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