Loulouat Ibn Khaldoon Complex

Loulouat Ibn Khaldoon Complex

This is the outside of the Loulouat Ibn Khaldoon Complex, located beside Wala’a. Despite its size, in my opinion, there are only three shops worth visiting there.


12 thoughts on “Loulouat Ibn Khaldoon Complex

  1. I agree completely with those choices, although I kinda dislike Best Buy.

    Who’s up for creating a building a la Malaysia’s Low Yat? 7 floors of geekery, gadgetry, and gamingery. After seeing this building here, my wallet started to shiver.

    I’m sure it’ll take off.

  2. 1) Personal Computer is my favorite shop. I almost always buy from there, but I still ask other shops for prices to bargain with them when in need.

    2) Contact: I’ll pass. I’d rather get & build everything myself, rather than being ripped off.
    The people who work there do know how to assemble high-end pieces, which is good (other shops might break your stuff).
    Not knowledgeable enough and still argue me that DDR3 RAM is “WAY MUCH BETTER” than DDR2. Noobs.

    3) Best Buy: Believe it or not, I got a great deal from them on my Logitech G5 mouse & G15 Keyboards. The price difference from the US was 1-2 KD only.
    I also bought my sister an Asus eeePC laptop at a price better than Amazon’s with higher specs!!

    I suggest you always do you research online and check the prices before buying. If you don’t know what’s available, then sweep Hawalli, then verify prices & specs online.

    4) Sandwich shop in the corner: seriously???? I can smell their oil from the dewaniya!!
    That and the shop in the opposite corner (between Wala2 & Lo2lo2at Bin 5aldoun).

    5) You forgot to mention the hardware repair shop in the basement: Salmeen.
    They do excellent work. I had them fix my aunt’s laptop with a broken keyboard and they re-soldered a Wataniya Internet device’s USB port (would’ve cost her 60KD to buy a new one).
    Plus: They’re honest and wouldn’t steal hardware pieces from your laptop, unlike the other shops in the basement.. (speaking from personal experience)

  3. I think Contact is a complete rip off, one time I bought some ram and motherboard from them and they said it would work.. turns out it wasn’t the right kind of ram and they wouldn’t exchange it for me.. I would only pick up cases from them if I need to!

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