Zain Logo Counterfeit?

According to Bader of, the Zain logo originated from a chinese company called Ziba which produces textile material for dishdashas. While I can’t confirm this myself, he bring up a very logical argument in that when you consider that the logo represents a roll of fabric, it makes more sense!

You can read the details of how Bader accidentally found this out while going to a local tailor, including pictures, here.

Update: It seems like Ziba is an Iranian company?


18 thoughts on “Zain Logo Counterfeit?

  1. Damn it’s identical! It sure suits a roll of fabric but if this so-called Ziba isn’t a registered trade mark then it makes Zain free of guilt and they can actually counter that on Ziba.

  2. Are you guys serious?

    Obviously Ziba is the counterfeit logo. The fabric merchants do this all the time, importing Chinese or Japanese fabrics & printing their own local sticker with logos following whatever the trend is. Last year the trend was the Zain logo.

  3. Yeah I’ve read it. Shocking if true. But honestly, the argument in the post comments are not so convincing. Some guy called Ali Hussain asked twice for that shop’s name, and Bader did not give it.

    Bader argues it’s clear from the two logos Zain is photoshop effect of ZIBA, so he made it a given fact. I didn’t even bother to go and do it, but. From any decent photo editor:

    1- select background
    2- inverse selection
    3- Change color to ZIBA color. TADAAA

    Or else, you can simply steal the concept. You dont actually think they need to scan it to clone it. And a company as large as Zain, creating a global market brand that is costing it millions of KDs is more likely to be careful about stealing than a fabric merchant, which as uturni said are famous for nothing but counterfeiting.

    I still can’t make definite statement though, but all points in favor of Zain against the so claimed ZIBA to me.

  4. Is it? Seems so. They are agents however of foreign companies as the link says. Good job :)

    There doesn’t seem to be a logo associated with it. At least not that I was able to find by Googling for Ziba ltd. Perhaps brand existed years back. Did they have this logo or not however?

    If all Zain can think of is a colored version of Persian brand in fabrics, thats a lot of thumbs down then. And Persian company I’m sure will love to know it. Umm… is it possible they still didn’t notice? I bet if it was they would be already in court.

  5. Hmmm, no wonder when I did the search for “Ziba” most of what I got was Persian links or links to Persian companies.

    I got links to fabric companies (or company) named Ziba when I searched for “Ziba fabrics”

  6. hi

    months ago , ,.,. someone from zain call me and he told me that English company made the logo not arabic company ,

    and i told him .. u can ask photoshop designer about this
    u can get zian from ziba useing photoshop .. but u cant get zeba from zain

    and here is new img and new logo style ” admeral ”

  7. oo b3dain , malyon bil imya uhma ili stole it from zain, shal9idfa ili same name b3d, four letters oo starts with a Z.

    they’re just like albatreeq and kanafji imitating mcdonalds M , almost

  8. The chance that the designer who made Zain’s logo is the one who tole it from the fabric shop is much higher than the shop hijacking the logo.

    Reason? What is the probability that a Persian sweat shop is gonna sue a telco over a logo? (Does Zain serve in Iran? if not, then it proves my point further)

    “Some guy called Ali Hussain asked twice for that shop’s name, and Bader did not give it. ” — this could be the dude protecting the shop from being sued by Zain … a lot of morons are in big companies, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they sued the shop rather than the actual fabric maker!!

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