Don’t you hate those earbud covers?

Those Apple earbud cover things are useless; they either fall off too easily or rip only after using them for a couple of times :/

Are they meant to keep the ears warm, or are they there to keep the earbuds clean? I don’t notice any difference in audio quality either.

I’ve had three different sets of earbuds and without exception, lost their covers including the spare ones. Next time I think I’ll just get the in-ear headphones instead, no? :/


12 thoughts on “Don’t you hate those earbud covers?

  1. I know what you mean they are useless. They should make ipods with small speakers built in that sound like they come from a huge system, so you can enjoy your music and annoy everyone else.

  2. nemo, yeah maybe I will

    Ex-clamation Mark, not the plastic, I’m talking about the black spongy covers. (see the picture)

    nemo, yeah they’re $79 actually :P

    neoark25, yeah, that’s what I should get

    Ruby Woo, I think I prefer in-ear headphones

    Ansam, what do you use?

  3. 3baid
    i hate the spongy thngs too
    i feel that they were made to protect the ‘sama3a’
    so i simply throw them away
    just like i smoke and use the ashtray in a brand new car
    enjoy what you buy and make it 7alal

  4. I know Apple redesigned their earbuds just because of the foam cover issue.

    I have been using a product called Breppies that cover the entire earbud. They work great and they are totally comfortable.

    I think you can get a pair at Breppies dot com for free.

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