A Sudden Change of Weather

Before leaving the house this morning, I decided that I should check the temperature to get an idea of what to wear for the rest of the day. When I pulled up the forecast, I was shocked to see a low of -1 ºC from Friday through Sunday. That’s a huge drop considering Wednesday’s low is 12 ºC. “Maybe it’s a poor estimate”, I thought to myself.

Later during the evening, I received a text message with the following:

Weather warning:
Very cold weather valid as of Thursday night Jan 1.

A sudden and quick drop in temperatures is expected this Thursday evening when strong NW winds will prevail. It will be much colder on Friday and Saturday. With windy conditions and extremly low humidity, the weather will feel bitterly cold. Daytime highs won’t exceed 9 ºC or 10 ºC and nighttime lows will be blew 0 ºC.

The worst of the scenerio should last to Sunday but the weather after Sunday will still feel cold. Please take necessary precausions for this weekend.

– Mishaal Al Roomi

Happy New Year everyone, and stay warm!


21 thoughts on “A Sudden Change of Weather

  1. I heard it is hazy in Dubai and the temperatures have dropped there badly. I guess the fog is gonna be headed in our direction, hmmm..

  2. i noticed the sudden change an hour ago, it looks like we’re looking at a cold week end :p

    can i ask how u subscribed to this weather msg service thing LoL i want to get weather forecast msgs :D

  3. Good Morning everyone,i am Mishaal Al Roomi of Q8Weather.Com and the creater of this warning msg, first i would like to thank the blogger for posting this warning, its good when we can all work together because alot of people dont understand how important it is for us weathermen to do our jobs. And if anyone wants to subscribe to my sms weather group, its free, just email me at info@q8weather.com Thank You… Mishaal Al Roomi, Q8Weather.Com

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