Furball Spotted!


It’s a good thing I had my camera when I saw this fluffy thing lying outside. Click to enlarge.


25 thoughts on “Furball Spotted!

  1. It looks extremely dehydrated from poor nutrition and with severe eye infection. Also it looks old and neglected and emotionally depressed! Poor cat.

    I also would like to add that its fur is dull, dry and unconditioned. This is not a homeless cat, this is an abused cat! And look at where her tail is! If someone backs that car out of the garage, she’ll die immediately from squashed tail. That happens! :D


    (it’s ok i’m bored)

  2. 3baid, sometimes people put a house cat out and think that it will survive – it won’t. It has no street-smarts, no survival skills. A depressed cat just slowly starves to death, gets hit by a car, or worse. That cat needs help.

  3. w3liyaaaa

    she is a beauty but neglected!!! not your usual 3etwee kind of ga6wa….

    maskeena her owner must have thrown her out!!! :`(

    Good thing you saw her before you moved ur car or you would have run her over magrooda :(

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