National Foam Day

Carrefour is selling a mountain of foam cans for Kuwait’s National and Liberation Days. I wonder how’d they like it if they were used within their facility as opposed to having kids raid vehicles on the streets.


15 thoughts on “National Foam Day

  1. You know what? you might have just come up with the most brilliant idea to stop this foam thing once and for all!

    Vandalize the commercial grounds on which it sold every single time they offer them on display. Organize many people who are against this (50,100, 500 people), get them to buy one piece and foam the hell out of the same place they bought it from.

    It can’t be illegal, or is it?

  2. Spraying people or cars with that foam is a form of assault. It can ruin an otherwise wonderful celebration. The police are out in force; they need to be ENFORCING! Spraying people or property not your own has to be illegal. If not, it is still terrible manners! Oops, sorry, guess I am ranting, it is my pet peeve.

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