Ant subterranean city

Mashallah :O


14 thoughts on “Ant subterranean city

  1. That is really fascinating.

    Although, I hope they don’t feel the need to replicate this study anytime soon (damn, I’m becoming a hippie).

    Amazing things in nature. The intricacy of that structure is awesome.

  2. DAMN! So magical I couldn’t believe it.

    We have such a big hole in our garden. I was pointing fingers at rats but… I think ants are my mortal enemy. Gotta get my cement trucks :/

  3. Just awesome!

    Even when the people dug the “city” notice that they didn’t break any part of it, and if they put the dirt back, it will be as good as, well, the old one!

    In my old place, one time ants stated entering my room over the period of many days. I ended mixing some magical solution out of every chemical I could lay my hands on from the kitchen, then heated it up a bit, mixed it well, and poured it in every hole I saw.
    I never saw an ant EVER again.

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