Gmail Adds Attachment Progress Bar


Gmail, the best free email service ever in my opinion, just got better: The software engineers at Google have now made it possible to select and attach multiple files all at once and show their progress bars as they upload. Tedious large multiple attachment are now a thing of the past! :)

Read more from the Official Gmail Blog.


12 thoughts on “Gmail Adds Attachment Progress Bar

  1. Greeeaaaaat ! Ever since this feature was added (anyway to un add it?)

    I cannot attach ANYTHING.Firefox/Mozilla just spins and spins….

    I love it when geeks destroy (improve) software that did NOT NEED FIXING.

    Jackasses like to justify their paycheck in that cube.

    May you find a pink slip in your inbox.

  2. Since the new progress bars were added my system begins the upload, completed about 90% and then stops, especially for large files and some small (160kb). Any idea what is happening?

    • It might be a transfer time-out. Just cancel the upload and do it again, it usually works again. Otherwise, it might be a bandwidth issue.

  3. i was excited when i first noticed this feature, too. but it seems fickle. sometimes it’s there, and sometimes it’s not. kinda like the Search Web button that appears and disappears from month to month.. *head scratchin*

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