21 thoughts on “How come…

  1. 3baid, I took one of those taxis home from the airport one night. A drive I do in about half an hour took 11 minutes. Those old guys drive really really fast.

    • That’s weird. Every time I pass them by, I see someone clutching the steering wheel and hinging forward barely able to see the road driving around 40 km/h :/

  2. I seriously question the condition of those cars! They should have rules to check these vehicles, and some how they still get back on the road! Nobody says don’t charge more, they should to keep those cars in good condition!

  3. I think because the concept of the orange taxi came out in the 70’s so the only people who drive them are people who were driving cabs from back in those days, the new amateur cab drivers in their new flashy Sunnys :p are the ones hired by the cab conglomerates :p Corporations are taking over the world!!! Viva La Revolution! Im sorry I’m light headed I think I need to eat something :p

  4. I remember getting in one a couple of years ago when I got back from europe. He kept asking me how were the “girls” there and if they were “pricey”.

    A ride I will never forget. When I said I didn’t hire any prostitutes, he asked me if I was sick and something was wrong with me… =O

  5. i was thinking about them the other day when i was cursing the white taxis and how they drive recklessly on the roads! Do the orange taxis still exist? I don’t see them around much!

  6. I can’t remember the last time I saw one of these!

    3baid, I need your help. I need to take my old laptop somewhere 3ashan isheeloon the hard drive wirakboona ib an adapter so i can access my stuff. I have NO idea where to go or how long it takes! Can you please recommend me places to go to? And point out which ones will do it on the spot so I won’t have to leave it there for a few days please:p Thanks in advance!:)

  7. the government only give the right to drive a taxi at the airport to retired people , an old thing the government invited way back in the day to give them extra source of income , that is why orange taxis are driven by Kuwaities

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