How to embed Google Maps into WordPress

Embedding a Google Map is as easy as copying and pasting a YouTube video. Click here to learn how. It’s fun!


28 thoughts on “How to embed Google Maps into WordPress

  1. I didnt know that :) ty man I just got a BB 8900 man its amazing. Also i got an app that will let you use skype over Edge or 3g and also the wifi :)

    then there is all these other stuff ^^ the 2 best combination of mobiles Iphone and the BB

  2. First time I see the threaded comment :). Gotta see me a template that supports it.

    Well I’m sure this embed feature’s been there for a long time. Probably u didnt need it before that to know it :)

    • Embedding a map is easy for blogs that allow scripting, but for blogs, only certain embeds are allowed for security reasons.

  3. Hmm, I recall this was a problem before, but now when I use HTML tab, it’s all fine. Ofcourse once you move back to normal view, it misses up all your tag :P

  4. Umm… No, just checked. What happens is tags like for instance are removed once I move to Editor mode and then back to HTML.

    Never mind. Will look it thoroughly (when I got nothing better to do!)

    • Copy the code that begins with: <iframe
      Paste it in the HTML view of your page editor —not the Visual.

  5. Hello
    thanks, but it’s not working, that’s what i’ve been trying several times. every time i save and when i publish i see only the link but not the map . the original code starting with <iframe becomes <br … ahref= etc…
    do i have to type special tags ? the copy paste of the embed code doesn’t work .

  6. That works !
    where do i get this code for my maps ? google gives me a different code..
    i’m sorry about all these questions but what a pain just to embed a map.. ! i mean this should be easier.. ;)

  7. I finally managed to embed the map. using the [ ] .. it’s working, problem is i don’t know how and why but it’s working ! ;) thanks a lot for your help, [ ] definitely works better than the < iframe tags

  8. This hasn’t worked for me: it doesn’t appear to be converting the link into shortcode. Any idea what might be the problem?

  9. Hrmm that was weird, my comment got eaten. Anyway I wanted to say that it’s pleasant to know that someone else also mentioned that as I had trouble finding the same info elsewhere. This was the first position that told me the answer. Thanks.

  10. Hi.. Pretty good, but I still find that the link gets destroyed every time you click back to the ‘Visual’ view. I need it to be so simple that any kid would understand it :D. Good blog, though.

  11. thanks… that’s work with .
    i am really confussed about pluggin i would be install on but that’s code really work. lol

  12. Hi there, i wonder if you can help me, I have managed to embed the map, but I need to take away the “view larger map” linked text underneath. Someone else on a different computer has managed to embed and remove that text, but I can’t. Any suggestions?

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