WordPress iPhone App 1.2

This new version of WordPress for the iPhone enables landscape mode on a large keypad, publish pages, as well as moderate comments. You can it from the iTunes App Store.

I think I’ll consider blogging more from my phone now that I can do my much more with less frustration. Kudos to the folks behind this handy update.




10 thoughts on “WordPress iPhone App 1.2

    • The apps that they install in Hawalli are installed via Installer or Cydia (which are supposed to be free in the first place!). Updating an app does not ruin your other apps unless you’re upgrading (or restoring) the entire phone OS.

  1. Too lazy to blog from one of your laptops? Or from any PC from the dewaniya?

    What could be so important that you need to blog about on the spot and can’t wait till you get back?


    • It’s not about importance; I usually find it more motivating to write and express myself within a short period of time after certain events or an registering an idea, otherwise it becomes uninteresting to me and I usually don’t bother to bring it up again.

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