How do you keep your shoes white?

I bought a new pair of Reebok shoes from Athlete’s Foot after my dad pointed out that my old Nikes are dirty. I didn’t realize it until I put them side by side. Now the question is: how do I prevent my new shoes from turning gray? I’m mean, they’re shoes; they’ll be kicking up dust in no time!

New shoes


31 thoughts on “How do you keep your shoes white?

  1. I remember we used to have this really good solution we bought from the states that was actually PINK!!! but it kept the shoes soooooooo white!!

    The trick is to clean them, and for my white tennies I have them dipped in a little bit of Clorox sometimes but I can see your shoes have red in them, so that is not a sounds idea but maybe you can clean the white parts with a damp rag and a little (I stress little) bit of Clorox

  2. I usually buy black ones. There are some nice cleaners you can buy that brings shoes shiny again. I bought and never used the ones I had until my soccer shoes looked so much older than 1 year!

    Shaymaa: LOL, y u have a nerdy solution ;).

  3. NOTE: If you intend to wash your shoes, make sure to take out the ropes first. They usually get ruined when washed and your tie opens all the time. You should count how many times I tie my shoes in one game :P

  4. I took white shoes from The Athletes Foot to be cleaned at Abdullah Al-Salem shoeshop and it became worse!

    So I never cleaned any of my shoes afterwards.. I abuse them for years and years until they no longer function or they really look abused/raped.

  5. very easy solution….
    athletes foot sell sprays for cleaning sneakers… especially white ones… u spray them on and can wear them immediately. they keep ur shoes looking new…

    what i would additional recommend is that every once in a while wash them with a soft sponge as well… just soap and water… this so u can clean the rubber soles as well…

  6. Wash them using the washing machine, they’ll come out brand new!
    I used to do it and the result turned out perfectly fine. Don’t worry it won’t ruin your sneakers.

    • Tried it and it is the best solution.

      Don’t put anything else with the shoes in the cleaner


  7. i love white sneakers, ohhh i love white shoes in general :P
    I heard that Vanish is the best when it comes to cleaning shoes, but it ruined my beige flats, i don’t know whether it’ll work for your shoes :/

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