Going to Japan!


My friend, his brother and I are going to the Land of the Rising Sun next week. This is the first time that I travel independently so I’ve been preparing our stay for almost a month! I researched everything from buying flight tickets, making hotels reservations, applying for visas, to what clothes to bring, transport methods, and other things to expect while there. You see, we plan on touring all the famous attractions and immerse ourselves in authentic Japanese culture and lifestyle.

I don’t want to divulge more detail, partly because I don’t have time, but primarily because I want to keep it a surprise until I get back :)


41 thoughts on “Going to Japan!

  1. Yo If you need anything tell me I have been there before and I can ask some friends (Japanese) to help yo if you, If they are free. ^^

    Inshalla troo7 wetred bel Salama. Oh Go climb Mt. Fuji If its open usually its closed if there is a lot of snow. You can see Picks of my visit there in the Album section in my site. ^^

    • Yeah thanks G. I know you’ve been there before, and so have many of my friends. It’s now my turn to have a go, wish me luck! :D

  2. lol wow that’s great mashallah !!! Take lots of pictures. I hope I get to go there too someday. Post something from on top of Fuji-San just for fun :D It’ll be known and remembered as the Fuji-San post hehe.

    Allah ya7fi’6kom and have fun :)

  3. Itroo7 o itrid bil salamah..

    On another note.. YOU BASTARD!!! I want to go to Japan!

    Haven’t had the chance yet! I seriously want to go!

    I don’t care about the post! I’m expecting a personal email with detailed breakdown of everything!

    Enjoy Akibahara for me!

    • Hahaha!! Akihabara is definately on my list of places to visit. Hope you get a chance to see it for yourself :P

  4. I have been planning a trip too but not to Japan, you left out one thing though VACCINATIONS if needed hehe

    La bss inshalla you won’t need them .. hope you guys have a great trip, an awesome time, and a lifetime experience ^_^

  5. Inshalla you go and come in peace
    i really hope you enjoy there very much, take care :)

    p.s. how convenient reply comment feature is ;)

  6. Oh here are the special places I went to other than Akihabara,

    1) Ueno (they have a nice Zoo and a Sumo wrestling events)
    2) Shibuya a very Big market I walked around there 2 days in a row to finish it.
    3) Definitely go to Yokohama Not too expensive unless you are buying some that is not made in japan.
    4) Tokyo Tower in Tokyo Amazing sites Note: Go there at Night Not morning Better view :D
    5) Ginza Amazing to see one of the most expensive restaurants. Mac Store is there too ^^
    6) Mt. Fuji
    7) Tokyo Disney land
    8) If you like Soccer, Baseball, or American football they have cool events.
    9) There is an event Magazine you can get in Tokyo that has all the Music events and live bands etc for the month.
    10) Go to a Hot spring Oh but beware ^^ I will explain it to you later.
    Oh If you are going to Osaka I have good places too. When you are online msg me so I can send you the train map in english of tokyo.

    I really wish you enjoy :D

  7. ENJOY IT to the fullest of the fullest :D

    im sooooo excited for you but more excited to tell you, BEEN THERE :D i was there this february, its a lovely country you will enjoy it and i envy you for the timing i so wanted to see the cherry blossoms

    will e-mail u with more details :D however do not miss:

    Ginza : a tiny shop called “ITO-YA” they have the craziest cool office stuff! and there is a cool stamps/ envelopes/ souvenir shop in this high end very expensive shopping district!

    Tokyo Disneyland: don’t miss the light show

    -Tokyo, Kyoto, Yokohama : are not to be missed during ur visit!

  8. Bon Voyage and have fun, I hope you will find some English speaking guys there, if not, your in trouble , and maybe, lost :-P

    Best of luck!

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