East Tea Cana

East Tea Cana

Some of you may still recall my post last November about the origins of the word “Estikana”. Well, this week, while wondering around Kuwait City somewhere about Al-Muthanna Complex, I spotted this cafe called, Eest Tea Cana. Does this affirm the theory behind the name? It clearly says “Cana” and not “Can”, so it still holds that this might just be one major typing error, no? :/


10 thoughts on “East Tea Cana

    • I don’t think they’re 24/7. :-P

      That picture on the awning, on the right, is that a burger? If so maybe they might deliver. (maybe)

  1. estikanh is the Arabic touch for making the word feminine, so its not a typo and IMO is a clever way for writing the shop’s name in both languages.

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