Skype: Kuwait’s Most Popular iPhone App

Top Free iPhone Apps on Kuwait's iTunes Store

Since last year, Kuwait’s Ministry of Communication has blocked Skype, a software program that allows people to make phone calls over the internet at a cost of almost nothing thanks to its Voice over IP technology. The reason being that this technology would severely impact, or even obliterate, the local telecommunications industry as a whole.

Just two weeks ago, Skype made its debut on the iTunes App Store and today it stands as the most downloaded application in Kuwait! What do you think the government will do this time? Could they deprive people the right to install certain applications on their phones too?

31 thoughts on “Skype: Kuwait’s Most Popular iPhone App

  1. The government can’t block Skype.

    They blocked the website, but you can get your hands on the software anywhere else.

    Skype, the program, encrypts its traffic and no one can block it.

    All the government can do is issue an order to ISPs and they can’t do much either.

  2. Bojacob,

    If you block VoIP, you’d be blocking EVERYTHING, including MSN & GTalk’s free voice chat, not just Skype.

    I found only one method to filter Skype’s traffic, and it has hiccups, in the sense that it will take down some other things along with it, on occasions.

  3. I really can’t say much in fear that someone in MOC might be competent enough to actually read this post :/ fatheen

    I’m just saying don’t provoke them :p Yes, Skype website is blocked! yaay, let’s move on, quick.

  4. [The protocol is very, very blockable….] Totally agree…

    MBH: You have no idea who you’re dealing with. Do you think they would care? Remember YouTube?

    • The youtube thing.. wa7ed afta men kaifa — ISPs didn’t take him seriously and the moron had no authority in the first place.

      Had the youtube issue taken place, I’d blame ISPs for not verifying who’s issuing orders to them.

  5. Just so that you know, you can’t block Skype’s protocol, because it uses port 80 (web traffic) if you block all other means.

    So the MOC is gonna BAN THE INTERNET? :p


  6. Same situation here in UAE. The TRA here has not said yet specifically if they’re trying to remove Skype from the UAE App Store or what they’ll do. Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

  7. It’s ridiculous how these companies will do whatever they can to keep their money rolling in instead of focusing on methods to benefit humankind.

  8. Whatever they do, they really can’t stop our freedom of choice.. and this isn’t an issue about legal or not, it is about extorting money through an over-priced strategy.. They can make just as much money if they take the lead and provide better applications and services..

    • You’re talking about MOC?

      Dude, it’s been over 2 years and they still can’t provide companies with leased fiber cores! Their excuse? “lel7een ma 7a6aina tas3eera” !!!

      The only way to do it is for your company to pay for the whole work of laying 96 fiber cores throughout the government ducts and then you would get to lease only 2 cores!!!!

      As far as I know, NBK did that.

  9. MBH – you are right. a friend just had to pay around 9000 KD just to have a few hunder meters of fiber laid to his office somewhere in farwaniya i think. crazy.

  10. Did you have to bring the subject again? Let them forget about it before they take any more stupid actions!

    It’s not fair to ban anything at all


  11. Ali, who r d IDIOTS in the Ministry ?
    1) Bangladeshi cleaner
    2) Indian tea boy
    3) Egyptian clerk
    4) Kuwaiti supervisor
    5) Kuwaiti Manager
    6) Kuwaiti Under Secretary
    7) Kuwaiti Minister


    P.S. I would think 4-7 above.

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