From Kuwait to Japan: A Prelude

Before I dive in and tell you about all the places that I visited throughout Japan, there are a few things you need to know/prepare for if you want to travel there. I’ll briefly go through them:


You’ll need a Visa, MasterCard or equivalent credit card to use throughout Japan. K-Net ATM cards will only work in limited locations such as post offices. After purchasing flight tickets and reserving accommodation, your primary expenses will revolve around food, transportation, tours/resorts (if any) and any other services or purchases made there. It is true that Japan is an expensive country to live in, but if you plan your trip and make reasonable estimations, you should be on the safe side of things.
Japanese Coca Cola
Just to give you a rough idea: a small bottle of Cola —they’re made out of plastic, they don’t have them in cans— from a vending machine in Tokyo costs ¥120 or 350 fils.

Carry Your Passport with You

Don’t leave your passport in the hotel safety box; it is the only proof of identification that foreigners of Japan have. You are expected to present it to police officers or government officials on demand.


25 thoughts on “From Kuwait to Japan: A Prelude

  1. Thank you for all the information! Hopefully, I will go to Japan soon (fingers crossed), and what you have posted will be helpful!

  2. That is an excellent break down of the preparations for travel! Fantastic! I am planning on going, but the timing is still up in the air!

    Now lets dive into the details!

    • No, they’re hard to find and too expensive to live in. They also include meals so it’s pointless if you don’t eat Japanese food.

    • LOL! Trust me, the stuff they sell are only half as interesting as the culture and attitude of the local people.

  3. WOW cool thanks for the tips… I cant wait to go ;-) and whats up with Halal Coffee? ya3ni ma67oon 6a7n islami :-P

    Yalla post more about your trip… do you have any food pics? (I like the coke bottle by the way)

    • My fear is it’s just a marketing brand (HALAL) and they dont even know what it means. They just think Muslims can only eat food with Halah word on it :P

      If you get the chance, and have nothing better to do, go to Al-Awqaf complex, there is some small grocery shop there with Pufak and Halal on it :P

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