Part 1: Take Off!

Dubai Airport

The flight from Kuwait to Dubai was straightforward, and I would assume that most people have tried Emirate airlines before, so I’ll spare you the mundane details. One thing I’d like to point out though: business class on Cathy Pacific gets you a spot in the British Airways lounge.

British Airways Business Lounge, Dubai

Concorde Model at British Airways Business Lounge

Alright, time to board the gate. Head on to the next page…

20 thoughts on “Part 1: Take Off!

  1. Lol at the linux system, looks like there are some smart geeks working at cathay pacific :P

    And when you saw the bruce lee statue in hong kong, did you expect to see a bruce lee statue robot in japan? :D

    • For some reason, martial arts was less apparent in Japan. The Japanese were more into swords, and Samurai sort of thing. At least that why I perceived from their culture while there.

  2. I am really enjoying this.

    But seriously 3baid, you are such a tease :P We are dying for some of your fabulous Japan shots. But I am enjoying the build-up.

  3. Hong Kong was a very nice city to visit!
    The food on the plan doesn’t look very appetizing!
    Nice pictures! Can’t wait for the next post!

  4. Wa-na-sa! This is the perfect buildup! Spending some time in Hong Kong is a wonderful bonus! I’m soooo happy for you! The shots were nice :) The food actually looked like real food as opposed to the stuff they serve on other planes. The sky-line view looks just like Kuwait’s sky-line view, 9a7? 6al, ha? :P Everyone’s calling you out on it so I guess I should join in. Stop teasing! Bring on the next post :P

    Oh Oh I almost forgot and this is important. Does pgilbert mean anything to you? Sound familiar? Yes? No? Anything? Please reply asap :)

  5. I think that Hong Kong requires a visit sometimes soon. Some beautiful shots. The Avenue of the stars look cool, and the Bruce Lee Statue is fantastic! All his features are showing!

  6. The great , Amazing, HONG KONG, People are so nice, reliable, trustworthy and like heaven on earth. Sky scrapers, every thing it there . Memorable night life. Cathy a great Airliner. Immigration Authorities are respectable and friendly. Keep in uf HK ( I LUV HK)

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