Part 2: Welcome to Japan

Narita Airport

Welcome to Japan airport sign

Around 5 PM on the 12th of April, we landed at Narita Airport. It would’ve been a wiser choice to land at Haneda Airport, but we didn’t realize that at the time. Haneda would have been closer to our hotel and its architecture is more artistic and pleasing to the eye. No biggie.

We walked all the way from the terminal gate to the customs. The queue was quite long, but the Japanese were organized and the line kept moving along smoothly until it was our turn to check in. They asked us to place both forefingers in small fingerprint scanner and press down on it so that it clicked like a trackpad button would do on a laptop. “Thank you”.

Shower rooms at Narita Airport
Hehe, shower rooms :P


19 thoughts on “Part 2: Welcome to Japan

  1. Interesting post! I am surely gonna take notes from your posts when I plan my trip! Would the hotel make arrangements to pick us up from the airport?

    I so want to go to Japan! I dont remember much from my trip! I was so little hehehe

    • Not all hotels have pick up service, and if they do it’s usually expensive (depends on the distance). The limousine bus service at the airport would’ve be the wisest choice for us.

  2. I’m going to take a few notes from this and the previous post! I can’t wait for the Akibahara post or some of the anime shops you guys went to! I would kill for some cool Mecha models!

    Japanese vending machines at every location!

    Quick question did you guys have any mobiles or anything of that sort? From what I remember their network is quiet expensive to use, that is the information that I have read online!

    • We didn’t use any kind of phones there. I remember 3000 yen got you a 5 minute international calling card.

    • Every shopping mall has its own brochure. It would take an entire book to describe the places around Japan :P

  3. I wanna go!!!!! =::::::(

    With the way I pack I don’t think your method would work with me. I probably would hire the bus to take me :P jk

    • The lighter your baggage, the easier it is to travel through Japan. Knowing you though, you’d probably buy bags and bags of stuff :P

  4. WANASAAAAAA!!!! Good God! Vending machines, Rainbow Bridge, Pachinko Parlor, and Tokyo Tower all in one day! Wanasa! Wanasa! Wanasa! That’s not mentioning that you took the subway! Seriously dude, shloon galbik 6awa3ik? Shlon gidart tirja3 and leave all that behind? Shlon? I can’t stop drooling over the pictures! Incidentally… where are the people? :P Did I mention ina wanasa? I’m insanely happy just from your posts and looking at all the pics! I demand more pics and more details. MOAR!!!! :P

    • Haha, there’s much more, don’t worry.
      Yeah, it’s true, leaving all that behind is very hard to do. Everyone I know who’s ever been to Japan says the same thing.

  5. So much fun!! the Japanese embassy in Kuwait should hire you for promoting tourism on your blog! :p

    Great information and pictures! Moore please!

  6. Haneda is definitely better & closer, but its an experience and every thing there is worth seeing, the ppl the land the culture! simply breathtaking :)

    Can’t wait to see ur next parts :>

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