Part 3: Asakusa

Note: This post literally took me 5 hours to prepare. My next post will just be a gallery with some description attached to the images, otherwise I’ll never get these done!


Asakusa cart

When we got to Asakusa, there was a guy running around pulling a cart. I think it was meant to attract tourists. Notice the Baskin Robbins?


A few minutes walk down the road from the station, you’ll see this. It’s a traditional market that leads to the Senso-ji Temple. Just look at how big the zebra crossing is.



14 thoughts on “Part 3: Asakusa

  1. Thats fantastic! I know what you mean about organizing a post! It would take too long! I have had times where it took too long and drove me nuts!

    Amazing pictures and information! Seriously, you need to write up some cliff notes for where to go and what to do! :)

    • I would do that except, we rushed our way through many things just so we can have a glimpse of everything.

    • My posts don’t do the country justice to be honest. There are things that even pictures can’t describe.

  2. BTW, the cat is absolutely adorable. Even their cats are prim, proper and clean. I think the red hats & aprons are to indicate the different Buddhist sects.

  3. I am loving your Japan Trip posts! They are awesome… I think the red hats refers to something related to the major schools of Buddhism! I am not sure though.

    I have not finished my Egypt post yet! And the cat picture.. I will let you think what I think about it X-P

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