How much sugar is in your food?

As received by email. Click to enlarge.


13 thoughts on “How much sugar is in your food?

  1. I wonder how many cubes are in my blalee6 macaroni, I just put lots of sugar “liberally” to say the least. :D

    The pineapple surprised me. =O

  2. I like how you lay it down in the post, but really, if you follow email trends, is there any active online user in Kuwait who have not received it :), twice maybe :P

    This is not healthy anyways, makes u think of health too much that u become sick :P

    • I prefer spreading information through blogs rather than email. Emails should be kept for private conversations, and these forwards can be made public for all to see and free their inboxes from spam :P

  3. True in general, but you may not want to blog everything. Sometimes your blog doesn’t match content you’re getting.

    I have someone though sending me 18 emails in a row :`(

  4. I love this kind of thing, puts things into perspective for us. I just wish there was one for salt, it’s more of a problem for me. :/

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