NBK’s New Website

I’ve been asked to review the new website from NBK. Since other bloggers have already written their own impressions, I’ll keep it brief by mentioning some bullet points:

New NBK Site

What I like

  • The website is completely rewritten in XHTML
  • It loads well on both desktop Safari, Firefox, as well as on iPhone
  • The word “beta” in the URL has exciting connotations
  • The website is now wider, center-aligned, and has interactive elements
  • More graphical, including splash articles using a bit of Flash
  • Branch Locator uses Google Maps
  • Arabic is displayed correctly

What I dislike

  • Too many different navigational areas
  • It’s using ASP modules, but it’s not that bad
  • No SSL certificate (should be https://www.nbk.com/)
  • Some links and menu items are hard to reach because they change quickly on mouse hover
  • The fonts used for headings and titles are too vertical and sharp for my liking
  • No RSS feeds for news and events

Overall, a huge improvement from the current site. Let’s hope they upgrade the Watani Online interface too.

15 thoughts on “NBK’s New Website

  1. I hated their new security method of posting questions. It is such a hassle to go through the whole process every time I need to log in to check my accounts. Maybe they should start doing it the way Dubai banks do.

    There they give you a security number generator that you take with you home and that randomly changes by the minute. You enter a security number whenever you need to log in. Simple and functional. Though someone can steal it and you’re still doomed.

    Maybe we should lazer our eye pupils instead to open our accounts a7san.

    • at the “Manage my WOL Security Key” link you can “Register your computer (PC)” and you will not be asked for the random questions again.

      as for their website was it developed in house or used any third party to develop it ? :)

  2. Perhaps thats a better new look & navigation, but the way NBK is implementing it’s website is clearly completely wrong, having an Arabic interface that is completely different in not look & feel but functionality as well. New Security model is not implemented in the current Arabic interface for instance. Forgot password is, as per NBK employee advise, only available in Arabic interface as well.

    A note though, for SSL, I’m sure its just the main page and once you attempt to login it will direct you to SSL. This minimizes unnecessary load since main NBK page has nothing of secured nature. If however what I’m saying is wrong, and there is no SSL, this will go down as one of the biggest scandals in history of online banking.

    • I’ll be honest: I never use the arabic version of the site, but I expect it to be a replicate of the english one by all standards and functionality.

      Yes, the Watani Online does include SSL, but not the main site. I think it would be a better idea to use SSL on the main site as well as an added measure.

  3. A good note to make also is, for this whole day at least, their branch locator has not been working saying it’s under maintenance.

    1- Maintenance should happen at low peak time at night
    2- You do your work on development & test systems then move it to production within minutes.

    • I’m guessing the website is still under development since it hasn’t replaced the main site yet, so it’s forgivable.

  4. Actually I have seen that on two other blogs but they did not review it like you did… it was open for comments to discuss the new look! I like your review very detailed :-) Its a better look for the website, definitely but as Marzouq said, there is still room for improvement!

  5. It would seem someone at NBK is now giving much thought to blogosphere with all these invitations for review, which is good by it self.

    The bad thing is that NBK seems to want to censor bad reviews, as I know someone who received an email from NBK staff asking him if he can remove his post as it’s bad publicity. Nonsense! You fix your service, you get good reputation. You dont ask for it!

  6. 1) There’s no need for the website to be encrypted. There’s nothing personal nor private in it. Only the banking services portals that are specific to the customers should go over SSL.

    2) They have a toolbar on the left; the options to remove what you don’t want is useless. The tools are simple links that don’t take from my page space, so why bother removing them?

    Also, even when unselected, the code is still loaded in the HTML page, so you’re wasting bandwidth for nothing…

    3) The website looks good, but I don’t care really.
    Is NBK trying to make its image look good to future customers only?
    Why the hell don’t they fix their crap portal? It barely works with Firefox!!! I get elements scattered all over the page and can hardly navigate.

    Perhaps the marketing drones should attempt gaining customer satisfaction by fixing what’s already broken, instead of face-lifting what people hardly look at.

  7. I love the new interface. Wish they can edit the Watani Online, it’s so retarded.

    BTW, your post displays 13 comments but i see only 3 .. is there something wrong?

    • Yeah, it’s obvious now that most people are complaining about the Watani Online portal. Lets hope they change it.

      There’s nothing wrong, you can see the other comments if you click on “<< Older Comments". I set it to display only 10 comments at a time so the page doesn't become long.

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