Part 5: Tokyo Disneyland

April 14th of this year was the last day to attend the Tokyo Disneyland’s 25th Anniversary. We were lucky enough to make it on time and witness the exclusive “One Man’s Dream” show, and special parades.

22 thoughts on “Part 5: Tokyo Disneyland

  1. WOW This is really magical.

    Do you know that until early 2000 those people in customs weren’t allowed to speak about their work experience. Walt Disney insisted ,and his advise was strictly followed, that speaking about the experience would blow the thing clear to kids as an act. People are trained hard to even get the signature of the character the same.

    Even directors and CEOs were taken turns at times in these cutoms. When it was blew up in public that the CEO took a turn, it was then allowed to speak as it ha already anyways!

    Would love to go there, but I’m not sure if Japan would be easy for me and the family!

  2. Way ambaihhh .. lucky you ;(
    Tokyo my dream land …. I’m coming

    P.S. show us more photos of Tokyo if bossible ;-)

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