Get rid of Gmail’s “Invite a Friend” box

Gmail: Invite a friend

I’ve had my Gmail account since 2004, back when Gmail was invite only. Fast forward to present day, and I have this annoying little ‘invite’ box that sits on the side and does nothing useful for me. All my friends already have Gmail and those who don’t can register for themselves, so what’s the point?

For the longest time, I’ve been for waiting Gmail Labs to create some kind of experimental “hide invite box” feature, but I learned today that you can get rid of it really easily by using up all your invites. All you have to do is type a fake email (I used followed by a comma and a space so that you can copy and paste several times and repeat until all your invites are used. Voila! :D

Update: It doesn’t work! I just got another 50 invites after an hour or so :( Gmail please fix this!

Update: I used up my new 50 invites, waited a couple of hours and the box hasn’t returned yet. Looks like it’s gone for good?

Update: It’s back. Curse you Gmail! >_<


16 thoughts on “Get rid of Gmail’s “Invite a Friend” box

  1. Viola!

    Update: It’s back

    Update: Used ’em all up, again!

    Update: It’s back

    Hahahahahahaha. The thing bothers me too. Just from reading this page, though, looks like its spreading Gmail like wildfire!

  2. i have adblock plus installed on firefox. i used the “select an element to hide” feature to get rid of the box for me.

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