Displeasing Gaucho Grill Palms

My friends and I had planned to go out and have dinner at the Argentinean restaurant, Gaucho Grill at the Palms Hotel. I was the first to arrive at 9 PM, and by 9:30 PM (thanks to Gulf Road traffic) we had all sat at a table and ordered our steak dishes. The place was half empty, but people came in and occupied the tables beside us soon after.

We were served with bread, drinks and starters while we talked and caught up with small chit-chat. We had several random discussions as we nibbled through the food and when we quieted down, we realized that we had finished everything and yet our plates remained empty on the table.

I tried to call the waiters for a beverage refill, but they all seemed preoccupied with other customers. One of them accidentally spotted me, came over to serve me, but didn’t bother to remove the empty plates nor glasses! “Excuse me, could you remove these please? We’re done. Thank you.”

We talked some more, then glanced around as the customers began to leave the restaurant and their tables were being cleared; they had already finished all their meals despite the fact that we had arrived earlier. The time was 10:50 PM and it was getting late.

“Our table has been empty. Where are our steaks?”, my friend asked the head server. “Five minutes!”, he nodded then ran off to a corner. This wasn’t the first time that we eat at Gaucho Grill, they definitely had better and faster customer service before.

We waited until it turned 11:20 PM and realized that if we were to ever get served, we’d be leaving the restaurant by midnight, and we simply didn’t have that much time on our hands. Our order was taken less than 2 hours ago and our table had been empty for far too long. “Yes, but there are many customers, and it takes time to cook the steak.”, they reason. “That’s true except people came in after us and already finished!”, we exclaimed.

We called the head server again and told them to cancel our dishes because it was too late and we had to leave. “Can we just have the bill please?” The server goes on to say that the food is ready and that it’ll be on the house, but we insisted that we must leave now.

We waited another 10 more minutes, but the bill also seemed to take its time to arrive, so we just left in the end.

Note: As I typed this, I read another complaint from the Fyonkat blog regarding their food being served cold.

Gaucho Grill really needs to sort out their service, otherwise more customers will walk out on them.


19 thoughts on “Displeasing Gaucho Grill Palms

    • It was the first time I see that kind approach from them. As I said, this was not the first time I’ve been there. They used to be very quick on their feet.

  1. That level of service is totally unacceptable especially when you consider how much they charge. Not getting a steak after 2 hours of waiting is just ridiculous. They need Gordon Ramsey to sort them out!

    • Exactly! They’re serving food at a hotel and charging high prices for high quality steak, so it’s logical that they should have good service!

  2. That sounds interesting!

    We could go there for another round of sweets shop planning, nibble on stuff and then leave for great shawerma from Mais Al-Reem!! :D

  3. I was at their Avenues branch 2 weeks ago and had their steak. I ordered a medium and got a well done (story of my life) so I complained and filled a comment card, and 3 days later I got a call from the manager apologizing. I think their down spiral hasn’t begun yet. A zafffa san3a could’ve done it for you guys.

    • When it comes to steaks, people pay close attention to how it’s done. When will they realize this? :/

  4. @ansam – i went to cuts years ago and would never go again. an overpriced disaster. do you have any connection to them at all?

    @everyone – i went to Gaucho avenues yesterday and can say that it was quite disappointing specifically re:

    * steak was bland, too chewy, soggy.
    * service was annoying, confused.
    * music was too loud and juvenile for such a place.
    * decor at avenues much tacky compared to palms.

    overall i agree with those that say that Gaucho started out great and have gradually declined to the point that i will reconsider going back there ever again. i would guess that management has been changed/reduced and that’s what caused much of this but can’t be sure.

  5. Went there too once, didn’t like it much either. It was too eh. Chena shay nagi9 bil steak bas I don’t know what.

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