Building a better Q8PD

I’m sure by now, many of you have seen the new theme for Kuwait Paper Dump. That design is the result of a long decision making process that my partner and I had to go through, but it was well worth the effort.

Just to give you an idea: we contemplated numerous functionality scenarios for of the site and tested for overall user experience. We had to decide on fundamental options like: two columns, or three? Bounded or unbounded layout? Gird or list view? Font sizes? Colors? Ad positions? I think you get the idea.

To build a useful website, content needs to load fast. Kuwait Paper Dump is full of images, therefore the theme must use as little graphics as possible to guarantee fast load times.

Picture 1

This was our initial wireframe. The graphics consisted of the site logo and small icons for metadata. It was fast compact theme, but there was too much whitespace. Once we added the navigational tools and included search, problems began to arise.


13 thoughts on “Building a better Q8PD

  1. Great work.

    – I find small search fields extremely annoying, so good move on that one.

    – The light blue faded background looks much better and easy on the eyes.

    – Icons for nav, much much better than wording. The mouse-over titles match that aswell.

    – The new logo looks much better. In the old one the flag is sort of blocking the first 2 letters.

    The site content is great. :)

  2. Q8PD is really an amazing creative idea..
    It really shows how much work you’ve put into it and trust me, many people appreciate this great site :)

  3. First off my hat goes off to you guys for doing an AMAZING job with q8 paper dump and further developing it! Keeping the content updated as well as updating the look and the load time!

    Great job, keep it going! Love the colors! The correct matching of all the tags, I have done a lot of testing on your site and poking it with random queries and you guys have done an amazing job! Please keep it up! :D

  4. very nice work, like the thumbnail interface, possible to see a bunch of ads easily.

    i wonder how much hours of work you put into this.

    why not some adsense ? :-P

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