Al-Yousifi (Panasonic) Scam


Many months ago, I purchased a Midea air purifier from one of the Al-Yousifi branches. In addition to its affordable price, the device features a quiet-operation mode and efficient HEPA filtering. At the time, the salesman claimed it would take anywhere between 3 to 6 months (depending on usage) before the filter would need to be replaced. Well, I was so pleased with its performance that I recommended it to my family, whom eagerly purchased two more units shortly after.

Less than two months later, I was disappointed to find that the HEPA indicator had turned red, signaling the need for a filter replacement. I contacted Al-Yousifi and to my dismay, they didn’t have any at their storehouse. Mind you, Al-Yousifi is the only authorized reseller of Midea products in the region, so I couldn’t go to any other home appliance store. I thought of waiting it out; they’ll order new stocks soon and I’ll be able to buy new filters, right?


To this day, Midea products are being showcased —newer models too!— at Al-Yousifi branches, Carrefour, and other electronics showrooms with no replacement filters. In other words, the company continues to make fake promises by selling products that only last 2 months at best while customers are completely unaware of this.

Three perfectly good air purifiers are now made obsolete by this corporate scam. If you plan on buying any of their products, I highly encourage you to check with their supply stores and be certain about the availability of replacement and/or peripheral parts before taking the plunge.

Update: I have been contacted by Abdulaziz and other representatives from Al-Yousifi. They are offering to give me filters from their current models. I did mention that I want at least 3 so, I’m not sure how much this will cost me or them.

Update: I met with engineer Ayyad at the Service Center and he apologized for all the trouble I’ve been through. He also promised to have the HEPA filters delivered to my home as soon as possible at a discounted price, but as wonderful as that may sound, I hope that this incident does not repeat the next couple of months when I need to replace the filters again.


17 thoughts on “Al-Yousifi (Panasonic) Scam

  1. cant you just air blow the filters clean or wash them? it probably expired quickly due to the amount of dusty days we’ve had. I used to clean our office ac filter once or twice a year before but now its at least once a month.

    • You can air-blow the pre-filter, but not the HEPA filter. While the pre-filter collects large particles such as dust, the HEPA filter (along with ultra-violet rays) can trap and kill much smaller airborne viruses, fungi and bacteria preventing allergy and asthma symptoms.

      “The HEPA filter cell is generally utilized as a disposable-type filter.”

  2. Those air-purifiers were good, when their filters worked. They cleaned the air from dust and odors.

    The salesman said they have the filters to the model you’re showing and another one, too. He said they don’t sell them at the showroom, but I can surely find it in the Service Center which is located in Ardiya area.

    I went there and the Service Center of Al-Yousifi did not have the filters in their system! They never even cared or thought of ordering them!

    I complained to the retail manager but nothing has been done to this day.

  3. Dear 3baid,

    thank you for bringing this to our attention, please understand that companies do make mistakes and things sometimes slip through the cracks as they say. The thing that makes a difference between companies is whether they fix their mistakes or not.

    If you don’t mind, please email me with the model number and your contact information and i’ll follow it and our customer service officer will contact you shortly.

    PS. sometimes parts are not available from the supplier, (sometimes) but this is not an excuse.

    again, my sincere thanks for sharing this, customer complains keep companies (small or large) in check and forces them (us) to always keep improving.

    my apologies on behalf of Al-Yousifi.

    • Oh so when we complain to you directly about this nothing happens but when it’s brought to the attention of the public you say it was a mistake?

      Your salesmen assured me that your company sells the filters and did not even bother checking with the Service Center to see if they actually have the parts.
      After 4 months of buying 2 units I wanted replacements and could not find them, I called your office and talked to you in person and still nothing happened.

      Now I see how I should get the attention though I doubt I’ll buy from your company again.

  4. Well at least Abdulazziz has taken a step to fix this, I don’t usually here much about Yousifi having problems. But 3baid your right, this shouldn’t have been the case especially with our weather!

  5. yet another case of consumer impotence in kuwait. where do we start?

    1 – lack of choice
    2 – lack of stock
    3 – ambivalence towards customers (related to no.1)
    4 – flat out lies
    5 – communication failures
    6 – response only upon public outrage

    we dont want to be unfair to one company but thank you posters for bringing this to wider attention and making it googlable.

    • The problem is most people don’t search before buying the products.

      Wouldn’t it be better to include the model numbers of these air purifiers so that this article can be found by search engines?

    • good point anonymous. i buy almost everything that is not too heavy from and in the off chance that i dont find it will shop around the net for other sources from outside kuwait. why do i do this? its because:

      – items sticker price is generally cheaper
      – support is better from both retailer and manufacturer (amazon will many times ship a replacement on faith if you are a longtime customer)
      – many many reviews on most products that people need from amazon (not just books) and these have very often decided my purchases
      – a single payment gateway and transaction history with amazon. they treat you better and you know who you are dealing with.

  6. Damn… I also got one few months back but from Al-Ghanim as I had coupons about to expire. I didn’t get to try it yet unfortunately, I know kid will make a toy out of it so…

    So I do I need to make a post also after two months of use and hope someone will read it ?

    Again, do we need to blog to be heard? Why can’t branches act like real customer service?

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