Khawatir 5

Season 5 of Khawatir (خواطر), a TV show airing on MBC this Ramadan, has been highlighting several interesting aspects of Japan. The host contrasts the Japanese culture, tradition, and lifestyle with that of Arabs and pleads us, the audience,  to follow their footsteps. I have to admit: I have experienced all the cultural shocks covered by the show and I am truly fascinated by Japanese way of life.

Watch more on Youtube.


14 thoughts on “Khawatir 5

  1. I’ve only HEARD about this show from one friend. As opposed to all other series people talk about. Guess it’s not in everyone’s interest, though it may be the best show in Ramadan.

    I should give it time really.


  2. a word of caution….

    i always had my doubt about ahmed’s show, last year he said that that volcano that annihilated the city of Pompeii in Italy was ” a wrath of god for their homosexuality and erotic abnormality” !

    i mention because i cannot even describe some of the Japanese culture towards sex and sexuality. so was the A-bomb also a wrath of god ?? or their earthquakes ? if so how come they still live and prosper ?!?!

    IMO: he is nothing more than extension of the fundamentalists horns

    احذروا خلط السم بالعسل. و خذوا من كلامه ما يدخل العقل فقط

  3. He’s pretty cool compared to the standard of guys that make Islamic shows these days. We should have more people like him representing Islam for youth and other countries.

  4. 3baid, you’ve been to Japan?

    Although I find Japanese culture interesting, and we can certainly learn a lot from it, but I think following in their footsteps is a bit of a leap.

    OK, it’s nice that the “Silent” mode is called “Manner” by default on Japanese mobile phones. But it doesn’t mean we have to follow their example.

    As part of a culture study, the show is interesting, but I think there are better ways to promote morality and progress than to seek examples to emulate. You don’t need to look to outside cultures to realize that ignoring people waiting in a queue is wrong or that we need to show people of different cultures more respect. We need to be asking “Why” have we reached this level of moral degradation before we can look to others for an example to follow.

    It’s an interesting show, nonetheless :)

    • Yup, I’ve been to Japan. The reason we “reached this degradation” is because we don’t pay attention to the small things nor appreciate the things we take for granted.

  5. Hi
    I think that there a lot of thing to do , then take there secret , you knew what there secret is , they have gaven to each one his rights to live , we can do more , we need to be more optimistic , any body could make a changes from his place , pay tention we need to wash our brain then hope better things to our country . try to be good then you would make good and every thing beside you become good .

  6. inchaa alah nasil ila djoze min ma wasalo ilayh bil iktidaa bi rasolin sala ellaho alayhi wasalim .Ataman tadoom khawatir ila mlanihaya

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